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Direct Express Auto Transport’s no personal information car shipping cost calculator has been the best since 2004.

Blog Posts

photo of young man driving and summer car shipping
The Benefits of Shipping Your Car in Summer
Are you planning a move or a long road trip this summer? If so, have you considered the benefits of shipping...
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photo of moving van for relocation services across country
How to Decide Whether to Relocate for Work
If your employer has asked you to relocate for work and you must move to a different part of the country,...
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photo of an suv car and truck driving tips in winter
Car and Truck Driving Tips In Winter
These figures are alarming, particularly when you consider that 70% of America’s roads exist in places...
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photo of a woman driving a convertible car
Cars Depreciate Faster Than You Think
Average Car Depreciation Rates After One Year How much do cars depreciate when you drive them off the...
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photo of car with new tires
Purchasing the Right Tires for Your Car
Your tires are literally where “the rubber meets the road.” The tires you ride on affect...
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photo of Man leaning on a SUV before car shipping
What to Know About SUV Shipping
Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are great options for lots of people. Whether you need extra cargo space,...
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