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Six Tips About Choosing Auto Shipping Dates

Shipping a car can be daunting, but with the correct information and preparation, it can be a smooth and stress-free experience. This article will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to ship your car and ensure its safe delivery to its destination.

Choosing the Right Auto Shipping Method

The first step in shipping a car is determining the best method for your needs. There are two main options: open and enclosed shipping. Open shipping is the most cost-effective method, but your car is exposed to the elements during transport. Enclosed shipping offers excellent protection for your vehicle but is more expensive.

Finding the Right Car Transport Company

Once you have decided on the shipping method, the next step is to find a reputable transport company. You can start by asking for recommendations from friends and family or searching online for reviews. Choosing a company with a good track record and positive customer feedback is essential.

Preparing Your Car for Shipping

Before your car is shipped, preparing it for the journey is essential. That includes cleaning the vehicle, removing all personal items, and checking the fluid levels. It is also necessary to have a record of the car’s current condition, including any scratches or dents, to ensure that you are not held responsible for any damages that occur during transport.

Choosing Your Vehicle Shipping Dates

The time it takes to ship a car will vary depending on the distance, shipping method, and transport company.

Vehicle Shipping Date Availability

Tip One

You do not have to be the person meeting the driver. Anybody you choose can do that. It takes about 30 minutes to meet the driver and have him load or unload your vehicle.

While you do not want to inconvenience any friend or family member, it’s not too big a thing to ask. If you would do it for them, chances are good they would do it for you. Having that backup in place takes the stress out of shipping your car.

Tip Two

Try not to ship a vehicle from yourself to yourself. Think of a less stressful way. Figure out where your support system is located. If it is at the origin, lean on those people as backup contacts if you must leave town before your vehicle does. If your support system is at the destination, count them as your backup. Your support system determines auto-shipping dates.

Tip Three

Please know that transporting your vehicle typically takes one day for every 500 miles. For discussion purposes, let us say that your destination location is 2,000 miles away, so it will take four days to transport your vehicle.

Let us also say that your support system is at the origination location, and you need someone at the destination who can receive it. Now, you don’t want your car to beat you there. So, therefore, make your vehicle available to ship at least four days before you are scheduled to arrive at your destination. That gives you a few days from the origination to be the point of contact. If your car has not yet been assigned a driver when you leave, call Direct Express Auto Transport customer service at 800-600-3750 to change the origin point of contact to someone else.

Get on your flight and go. It’s that easy. No stress. Rent a car or do without at your destination. Please remember it is almost impossible to avoid inconvenience at either end of your shipping points. You are not overnighting a package. A vehicle is considerably more. But you know that. Right. Allow your origination point of contact to meet the driver when your car gets assigned. No money changes hands there, and everything will be alright.

Tip Four

Let us now suppose that it is the reverse. You don’t know anybody at the origin, and your support system is at the destination. Well, now, you want to be sure that your vehicle gets on the road before you do. About 90% of Americans live in densely populated areas, so chances are high that you can make it happen come hell or high water.

Unfortunately, 10% of the country lives in remote areas, and no matter how hard you try, finding a carrier on demand may prove nearly impossible. But let’s concentrate here on the 90% that have a good chance. Here’s what you do. Make your vehicle available about 7 to 10 days before you are ready to leave. Chances are high that your car will ship within seven days of availability at our standard rate.

Tip Five

If your car has not been assigned by the time you reach five days before departure, you might begin sweetening the pie for an auto transport carrier by adding a tad more. By doing that, you put yourself in better position. If a carrier is going your way, he will want your better-paying vehicle. That’s how you make it happen.

Another good suggestion is that it may behoove you to meet a driver in a nearby big city.

Tip Six

If you don’t know anybody in either location, the best thing to do is hire someone to ship or receive it. Try not to ship a car from yourself to yourself. Leave your vehicle at a storage facility at your origination and ship from there. There will be added expenses for you, but there’s only so much else you can do. Sometimes an auto body shop will be willing to do it for a nominal fee.

You are in luck if you have support systems in both the origination and destination locations. It is nice to have so many friends. It makes choosing your auto-shipping dates far easier.

Car Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping a car will also vary, with open shipping being the most affordable option. The Direct Express Auto Transport cost calculator provides three tiers, or rates, for faster shipping.

Receiving Your Car

When your car arrives, inspect it thoroughly for any damages and report any issues to the transport company immediately. If everything is in good condition, sign the delivery receipt and take your car home.

Our Conclusion

Shipping a car can seem overwhelming, but it can be a smooth and stress-free experience with the proper preparation and planning. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your car is safely delivered to its destination.

The Original Car Shipping Quote Calculator

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant car shipping quote calculator in 2004. It is still the best, most sophisticated, reliable tool available anywhere online. We offer three options that we call tiers of car shipping estimates. The standard rate is the cheapest car shipping quote, but it may take longer. Use it if you are patient. The expedited car shipping rate is most recommended, and we have countless satisfied customers because the shipping process tends to go quicker. The rush rate is our highest level of car shipping service, and we have many customers who are glad they went with that method.

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