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About Us

Direct Express Auto Transport ranks among the best auto transport companies in America. Drivers across the lower 48 states, from passionate car collectors to average drivers, choose us as the only auto transport company they trust to work with. We have built a reputation for quality, consistency, and accessibility: exactly what people are looking for when they need to arrange vehicle shipping. Learn more about what distinguishes us compared to other auto transport companies – and count on us to deliver the exemplary car shipping services you deserve from beginning to end.

The original car shipping quote calculator

The First Auto Transport Calculator

In 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport set a new standard for car shipping companies. We were the first to offer online visitors an instant vehicle shipping rate. Instead of calling around to get multiple quotes, our calculator lets you get multiple quotes in seconds. We originated the instant online auto transport quote.

Our car shipping calculator is still the most sophisticated and best in the business. It’s also one of the simplest and most private because we don’t ask you to enter any personal information to receive a quote. We have always respected our visitors’ privacy and are perhaps the only major auto transport company to still do business that way.

That is a very big reason why any discerning customer should choose Direct Express Auto Transport. Our reputation as one of the best auto transport companies proves itself the first time you use our online car shipping quote calculator and every time after.

Our Expert Staff Knows Car Shipping

We have a talented customer service staff trained to answer your questions and deal with the logistics of your car move. As one of the top auto transport companies, we take care of little problems before they can become big issues, and have a very good reputation within the auto shipping industry.

People work with us over and over because we’re eager to take the confusion, complexity, and hassle out of the car shipping process. We believe it should be easy and accessible, always. That’s why we consistently qualify as one of the best auto transport companies in terms of customer service.

Our team is here to help you make sense of everything. Our website is also a great wealth of information and authority on car shipping, raising the bar for auto shipping companies in terms of customer education. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our staff of seasoned professionals by calling 800-600-3750.

Experienced Car Transporters

Since 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport has shipped over two hundred thousand vehicles throughout the lower 48 states, making us one of the largest auto shipping companies in America. There is no substitute for experience.

We have seen most everything from hurricanes to Nor’easters, from winter snowbirds to spring snowbirds, from summer seasonal peaks to autumn seasonal lows. We know what to expect and how to react accordingly. The vehicle haulers we work with (each carefully vetted) have also been to every corner of the country and handled every sort of vehicle imaginable.

Compared to other car shipping companies, we go to great lengths to connect you with the top car haulers – the ones who know how to be safe, efficient, and organized in the face of anything. That’s great for you and or your car. There are so many different situations that develop with customers and carriers alike. We have the experience to navigate our customers through it all.

Our Vision

President Mike Rupers founded Direct Express Auto Transport in 2003 and still owns the company. At that time, nearly every other auto transport company refused to offer a price on services without learning the visitor or caller’s personal information, such as name, phone number and email address. And none of them could produce a quote online. At best, those car shipping brokers would email a quote with a fourteen page contract precluding cancellation lest the customer lose his entire deposit. The whole process was impersonal and inconvenient. Mike Rupers vision was to go the other way and change all that – redefining what it meant to be the best auto transport company in the industry.

Direct Express eliminated the industry standard fourteen page contract because it was unfair to the customer. Today hardly any of the top car shipping companies use that lengthy contract anymore because of the standard we set. Direct Express Auto Transport stated that a customer can cancel any time prior to assignment and pickup with a full refund. We changed the rules to the betterment of the customer. Leaders lead and followers follow. We are undeniably the auto transport industry leader.

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the first car shipping quote calculator in 2004, but we didn’t stop there. We are constantly improving it. Other auto transport companies have copied our breakthrough, but they can’t match our quality. They use a knock-off third rate software that still does not perform as well. We’re still widely regarded as the authority on vehicle shipping rates and many of our competitors secretly use our quote calculator as a barometer. Without any doubt, Direct Express leads the industry of auto transport companies.

But don’t take our word for it. Read real customer reviews of our service.

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