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About Us

Direct Express Auto Transport started doing business in 2004. We came into the car shipping industry with a novel idea. Before us, no company had an instant quote calculator on their website. It simply did not exist. Further, no company would even provide an auto shipping quote without first knowing the caller’s personal information, such as name, telephone number, email address, and physical address. We were astounded by that in 2004.

The founder of Direct Express Auto Transport, Mike Rupers, decided to upset the apple cart and go 180 degrees the other way. In 2004, after several months of intense website program coding, we installed the car shipping industry’s first instant quote calculator on our homepage. We did not ask then and do not ask now, for any personal information before giving a quote. Our competitors sneered and thought us crazy. But guess what? It was a hit with customers and our business took off. 

Over twenty years later in 2024, Direct Express Auto Transport is still going strong and has established itself as the industry leader when it comes to business integrity, knowledge, experience, and authority. We have shipped several hundred thousand vehicles in all sorts of conditions. 

Our exceptional staff can guide you the right way to a smooth car shipment. 

About Direct Express Auto Transport

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20 Years Experience

20 Years Experience Shipping Cars

Since 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport has shipped over several hundred thousand vehicles throughout America, making us one of the largest auto shipping companies. We have completed our second decade in the car shipping business and now move confidently into our third decade of outstanding customer service. 

There is no substitute for experience. We have seen almost everything from hurricanes to Nor’easters, from winter snowbirds to spring snowbirds, and from summer seasonal peaks to autumn seasonal lows. We know what to expect and how to react. The car transport haulers we work with are carefully vetted and have handled every sort of vehicle imaginable.

Compared to other car shipping companies, we go to great lengths to connect you with the top vehicle haulers – the ones who know how to be safe, efficient, and organized in the face of anything. That’s great for you and your car. We have the experience to navigate our customers through it all.

A Car Shipping Authority

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant car shipping quote calculator over twenty years ago. It didn’t exist before we unleashed it and changed the auto transport industry overnight. 

We were the first car shipping company to make it easy for customers to book an order online. It was several years before our competition followed suit. We lead where others follow. That is still the case. 

We uniquely offer three tiers of auto transport pricing: Standard, Expedited, and Rush. Usually, one of those levels will fit perfectly your needs or particular situation. 

We were the first car shipping company to allow order cancellations any time before the pick up of the vehicle, with absolutely no penalty. The rest of the auto transport industry was forced to follow our lead. They had to. 

We have always been pro-customer, and don’t ask for any personal information before giving a car shipping quote. Whether online or on the phone with a Direct Express Auto Transport customer service representative, you can easily get a hassle-free quote.

We have a talented customer service staff trained to answer your questions and deal with the logistics of your car move. As one of the top auto transport companies, we take care of little problems before they can become big problems. 

People work with us time and again because we take the confusion, complexity, and hassle out of the car shipping process. We diligently explain over the phone or in writing how to prepare your vehicle for shipping. 

We have an exceptional reputation within the car shipping industry.

A Car Shipping Authority

Trusted In The Industry

A Car Shipping Authority

Direct Express Auto Transport routinely receives accolades and high marks from the car shipping industry and customers alike. 

The auto transport carriers on the major load board, Central Dispatch, have given us a 97% approval rating.

With thousands of 5-star reviews, as of this writing in 2024, Direct Express Auto Transport has earned top scores from:

  • Google Reviews 4.6 rating
  • TrustPilot 4.8 rating
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) 4.5 rating
  • Transport Reviews 4.9 rating

The Original Quote Calculator

In 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport set a new standard for car shipping quotes. We were the first to offer instant online car shipping quotes. Instead of calling around to get multiple shipping quotes, our calculator lets you get multiple transport quotes in seconds. Our innovation also allowed the customer to book an order online. Before us, nobody could do that. 

In 2024, our car shipping calculator is still the most sophisticated and best in the business. We factor numerous variables into every quote: current market by mile trucking rates, the area of origination as well as the destination, seasonal fluctuations, size and type of vehicle, whether Open-Air or Enclosed transport, vehicle operational condition, and more. All of those things carry weight and we have, we think, perfected the formula for producing a reliable car shipping quote. Nobody else comes close. 

We offer three tiers of auto transport pricing: Standard, Expedited, and Rush. Usually, one of those levels will fit perfectly your needs or particular situation. If in doubt, call our staff for further guidance. 

We have always respected our customers’ privacy and don’t ask for any personal information to receive a quote. We are perhaps the only major auto transport company to still do business that way. We hear from customers their shock from visiting our competitors and subsequently receiving dozens of unwanted emails and heaven forbid … nuisance phone calls. We don’t participate in that. 

Managing the pricing of quotes and orders is John Rupers, a Boston College graduate, who has had his hand in every aspect of the business since 2019. 

Our reputation as one of the best auto transport companies proves itself the first time you use our online car shipping quote calculator and every time thereafter.

The Original Quote Calculator

Reviews From Our Customers

  • My Auto Transport Experience

    Nancy B. – Orlando, FL

    I am so pleased with my decision to use Direct Express Auto Transport! Ashley was a knowledgeable and confidence inspiring representative and my driver was on time and my car was in perfect shape!

  • Great Auto Transport Service To Texas

    Steve S. – New Braunfels, TX

    Talked to Jessica on Wednesday to have 65 El Camino shipped from Calif to Texas. Was picked up on Thursday the 16th and delivered on Monday the 20th. Beautiful truck and great driver. Sebastian was the driver’s name. Also it was awesome to see all the other great cars.

  • Enclosed Auto Transport

    Derek K. – Oradell, NJ

    Fantastic experience all around, from the office people calling me back on a Sunday when a question popped up, to getting the car delivered very quickly, the whole process went perfectly. Will use them again for sure.

  • My Car Arrived Sooner Than Expected!

    Charlie R. – Mt Clemons, MI

    Driver was very efficient and accommodating! Once he picked up the vehicle he stayed in contact with us all the way to delivery. Thank you very much for hauling this vehicle for us because we have no way of doing it ourselves.

  • Auto Transport From Florida

    Alicia L. – Bradenton, FL

    My car was picked up on a Friday morning and arrived at my destination two days later. The driver made sure that I was on time delivering my car and he made sure my car was delivered to me in a timely manner also. Great customer service from beginning to end. No complaints at all and will definitely use this company again. Great job!

  • Auto Transport Service To Arizona

    Jeff B. – Mesa, AZ

    Another excellent job by Direct Express Auto Transport! This is the 3rd time we’ve shipped with this Direct Express Auto Transport. They’re courteous, professional, and on time. I highly recommend this company and their services!

  • Car Transported California to Texas

    Bill A. – Ft. Worth, TX

    I used the expedited shipping option and they told me it will be picked up within 3-4days. Luckily my car was picked up on the very first day. It was assigned to one of their transport companies and I received my car within 10days. They are very professional.