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How Car Shipping Works

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How much does it cost to ship my car? To find out and instantly see your car shipping quotes, simply enter your origination and destination zip codes anywhere in the continental USA. Then choose the year, make and model of the vehicle(s) you are shipping. Select whether it is running or non-running? And then finally choose whether you wish to go Open or Enclosed transport? That’s it. Click the “Get My Quote Now” button and you should see your cost in 15 seconds!

Order Your Car Shipment Online

You may have noticed that Direct Express is perhaps the only major car transport broker who does not ask for any personal information before providing the visitor with a quote. Your name, phone number and email address are not required, which makes us unique, maybe even cool. But now we do need to know more about you and your vehicle because that information is appropriate to transport your car. It will take only five minutes to fill out the online order form. Please provide your pickup and destination contacts. Choose the first date your vehicle is available for pickup, while understanding it might be later that a carrier emerges. Your vehicle is insured up to $150,000. Upon checkout, please place a nominal deposit with your credit or debit card and your order is officially submitted.

Watch Your Email for Carrier Assignment

Upon entering your vehicle transport order either online or by calling our customer service representatives at 800-600-3750, you will instantly receive an Order Confirmation email. Next and hopefully sooner rather than later, a Carrier Assignment email will be sent containing the name of the car shipment driver, his phone number and the estimated dates for pickup and delivery. The first available date is simply the starting date and it may take longer to get assigned.

The Assigned Carrier Will Call Your Pickup Contact

Direct Express Auto Transport notifies the carrier about your pickup and destination information, including contacts. The carrier should not show up unannounced. He should call your pickup contact first to coordinate time and place to meet, and also verify information. Most times it is necessary to meet the car transport service close by at a place the driver can safely maneuver a big truck. That is still in the spirit of door-to-door service. No money changes hands at pickup. Simply fill out a vehicle condition report authorizing the car shipment and hand over the keys to the driver. No other paperwork is necessary. It’s actually very easy.

Your Vehicle Arrives at its Destination

The vehicle transporter is once again not supposed to just show up unannounced. The driver ideally should call the day before to alert your destination contact of his pending arrival. There are often delays, but when the carrier does arrive, please inspect your vehicle for any damage, which rarely happens. That is your opportunity to speak up, make proper notes in the vehicle condition report and even take digital photos. Regardless of the condition, industry rules state that you are to pay the car shipping service driver the balance owed with Cash or Money Order before receiving your vehicle. There you have it. Direct Express Auto Transport usually makes this five-step process a breeze and you can drive off with your vehicle.

Car Transport Is What We Do

Car Transport Pricing – Our Three Levels

Standard Pricing Direct Express

Standard Rate

There is such a thing as a basic rate to ship your car from any point to any other point. It must be acceptable for a car transporter service. That is our Standard Rate. Whether you realize it or not, you are actually competing against other customers for car carrier space when shipping a vehicle cross-country or even regionally. Choosing the Standard Rate means you understand that you might ship right away, or in a few days after the first date available, or possibly longer if lots of competition or a lack of carriers. Obviously, nobody can guarantee what cannot be controlled. But we do try to exert some modem of control with our Expedited and Rush rates.

Expedited Rate

The Expedited Rate is the proverbial tie breaker if there is a logjam of similar vehicles priced at or near the Standard Rate. You know, just a little bit more can go a long way. All of a sudden, your vehicle is more appealing to a carrier than others waiting. It is often times worth it to many customers to pay just a wee bit more and eliminate stress. Pay the carrier (not us) more and save on rental fees on the other end. Smart. The Expedited Rate might also be used to lure a carrier to a remote location. It might not seem “expedited” if it still takes the better part of a week to be assigned, but it might have taken even longer had you not opted for it. Take our good advice and just do it. The Expedited Rate is very popular with our customers.

Rush Rate

The Rush Rate is only about a couple hundred bucks more than the Standard Rate, but sure seems to get carriers to jump. Some people are in a big hurry. Maybe in a bind or very anxious. If a carrier is putting together a full load of several cars, trucks and SUV’s, then he is quite naturally drawn to the higher paying Rush Rate order. Those tend to get Assigned quicker, and since most orders get picked up within one or two days of assignment, the customer also receives his vehicle faster. Of course, there still needs to be a carrier making that run and one vehicle alone cannot make that happen. But those situations are the exception and not the rule. Don’t want to mess around? Go Rush Rate.

Watch How Vehicle Shipping Works

What Is The Auto Transport Industry?

The car transport industry can be separated into three parts: Brokers, Carriers, and Lead Providers. Car shipping brokers book the overwhelming majority of the orders and need the carriers to haul their customer’s vehicles. The car carriers are usually independent owner operators (tens of thousands of them) on the road and unable to fill their truck space themselves. Carriers need the auto shipping brokers to do that. It is actually a very efficient system. No carrier company could even begin to service the entire country. It would be impossible. Then comes the notorious vehicle shipping lead providers masquerading as legitimate car shipping brokers online with websites that mimic broker sites. The lead providers sell their visitor’s information for $1 to $3 per lead. There is little to no vetting of those car transport brokers, most of whom are desperate and financially weak. Direct Express is one of the very few auto transport companies that does not buy leads.

Direct Express Auto Transport Reviews

Why We Are A Five Star Car Transport Company

Direct Express Auto Transport consistently earns high vehicle shipping reviews, usually five stars on TransportReviews, TrustPilot, FaceBook, the BBB and Google+ Plus. Some reviewers are later offered a small rebate on their deposit, which is not tied to their rating score nor price, as an incentive to share their experience. The thing to remember is that we have shipped over 200,000 new and used vehicles and while not perfect, ours is an amazing track record of success. Our car transport quote calculator does such the best job of providing free accurate rates that we simply have a much higher percentage of satisfied customers. It also helps that Direct Express Auto Transport has an experienced staff of customer service representatives. We care and it shows. Call us today at 800-600-3750!

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In the spirit of Door-to-Door, our network of vehicle carriers pickup and deliver as close as they can to the customer.

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We have at our disposal a network of over ten thousand drivers. We know them and they know us.