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What to Know About Enclosed Carriers

Enclosed Auto Transport

An enclosed auto transport carrier is a type of carrier that is used to transport rare or expensive vehicles that cannot be exposed to inclement weather conditions or possible damage from road debris (such as errant rocks and the like). Enclosed transportation is great when you need to move a vehicle that you can’t run the risk of damaging either by driving on the road yourself or transporting it via an open car transport carrier, but there are a few drawbacks to enclosed shipping that deter a lot of shippers.

For starters, it’s more expensive than open transport services – this is because fewer people are moving via an enclosed transport truck. There are also far fewer enclosed shippers on the road today than there are open shippers, which not only makes it more expensive but also increases your pickup window. This is why we don’t recommend enclosed transportation for someone moving a vehicle they drive every day; the expense and the longer wait do not make enclosed shipping worth it for many vehicles. However, if your vehicle is rare, valuable, expensive, classic, restored, or just the type of vehicle that you don’t even want to run the risk of damaging, enclosed transport is probably for you.

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