The Auto Transport Snowbirds Begin Their Annual Migration Home

San Anselmo, CA – There they go again. It’s March and the “snowbirds” begin their annual migration north, except that these “snowbirds” aren’t just people … it’s their vehicles too. Tens of thousands of retirees choose to use an auto transport service to ship their cars home while they board an airplane. Is that smart? Direct Express Auto Transport says that for most people it is and explains why.

The first thing to consider, is what would it cost to ship it versus drive it? A recent survey of several popular and reliable auto shipping companies revealed that an average shipping cost from Palm Beach, Florida to Chicago, Illinois is approximately $700 door to door, which is the most customer friendly way to transport a vehicle. Terminals are where cars go on vacation. But if the car is on an auto transport truck, then that means you’re flying and according to that will cost another $400 each person, or $800 per couple to someplace like Chicago. The real cost then to ship a car is $1500 door-to-door.

On the other hand, the drive from West Palm Beach to Chicago is about thirteen hundred miles. Even at $2.00 a gallon, it will likely cost about $200 in gas. Add two nights in a motel at $80 per night ($160) and don’t forget about breakfast, lunch and dinner at $10 for each meal, times two days, times two people ($120). A bag of chips here and a magazine there, and the whole trip will cost the average couple about $500.

The savings then for a couple choosing to drive rather than ship their vehicle is nearly $1000. No small matter in hard economic times. So it is cheaper for the average “snowbird” to drive their car home rather than ship it … unless one thing goes wrong. Any sort of mechanical difficulty could easily wipe out a significant portion or all of the $1000 savings.

The wear and tear on the “snowbird” vehicle is a consideration, and the safety factor is a major one. “Many retirees consider drives that long arduous and maybe even dangerous, which is why they wisely choose an auto transport company to ship their car home. It’s called being safe rather than sorry,” said Mike Rupers, the founder of Direct Express Auto Transport.

“If your vehicle is a newer model and you know that you have the energy, then enjoy the drive home. Otherwise, you should think hard about saving yourself the aggravation, just ship it and enjoy the movie on your flight,” concluded Rupers.

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