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Moving Across Country Tips

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The Best Moving Across Country Tips

Take some moving across country advice from Direct Express Auto Transport, because we’ve seen a thing or two in the past couple decades. There are things to do, and not to do. We have successfully shipped over two hundred thousand vehicles and can share with you a number of the things we’ve learned along the way.

When it comes to shipping your car, the first thing to know is that there needs to be 9-10 vehicles leaving your approximate area, say within 50 miles, and heading roughly to your destination area also in a 50 mile radius. That happens usually in higher population density regions.

Some Real Situation Examples

Good Advice Shipping A CarAt the present moment, there are 35 vehicles waiting system wide (not just us) for moving across country from Los Angeles to Philadelphia. That’s good. Plenty of vehicles to choose from and the chances (if priced not too cheap) of getting assigned a driver this week are high. The best paying cars go first, of course. But then you must remember, it is not first come first served. New orders can become available at any time and if priced higher than vehicles waiting, those cars will cut in line and go first as well.

Cheap orders ONLY get assigned if there is nothing better nearby. For some routes, there is no such thing as moving across country cheap. We are exceptionally good at recognizing those opportunities for the customer. We want to do that if we can. But it is a disservice to the customer if conditions are not ideal for that sort of pricing.

Continuing on with our examples. At the present moment, there are 22 vehicles waiting system wide (not just us) for moving across country from Los Angeles to Allentown. That’s also good. Maybe not as good as Philadelphia, but certainly okay. We like the chances of a driver going that route this week.

There are currently only 5 vehicles waiting system wide (not just us) for moving across country from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh, PA.. That’s not very good because 5 vehicles is short of a full load. It can be unpredictable whether a carrier will be heading to Pittsburgh this week. Maybe. Maybe not. Nobody knows because there are over ten thousand auto transport drivers on the road and they change their schedules every few days. It could take more time for it to happen.

Right now as of this writing, there is only 1 vehicle waiting system wide (not just us) for moving across country from Los Angeles to Scranton, PA.. That’s not good at all. Obviously that will only happen if a carrier is passing through Scranton on the way to someplace else. The best advice for that route is to make it worth a carrier’s while by upping the ante. Pay more money to coax him to do it. Otherwise be very patient and wait for a driver. Will it happen inside of one week? Maybe. But probably not.

Planning Ahead For Your Moving Across Country Shipping

Rule number one. Do not try to ship a car from yourself … to yourself. It rarely goes according to plan and tends to be stressful. Have a backup contact at either or both ends of your auto transport shipment. Give yourself plenty of time. Don’t try to cut it close. Some people think they can hold onto their car until a day or two before they are to leave and have no backup contact in place. Don’t do that. Nobody but nobody knows for certain when a carrier is loading up for a 3,000 mile trip across country. This is not like calling a taxi. You need to plan ahead and factor in to your equation that you are likely to be inconvenienced at either or both ends of your car transport. You may need to rent a car or get help from friends. If you don’t, then you got lucky.

In the examples above, none were sure things. They never are. From Los Angeles, the Philadelphia destination with 35 vehicles ready and waiting to ship is the best scenario, but not if the other vehicles are priced higher. If you’re not in the top half for your size vehicle, you might wait awhile. A backup contact relieves stress.

The Pittsburgh scenario with 5 vehicles waiting is a 50/50 sort of thing. Once again, our tips for moving across country say you probably need a backup contact. And you absolutely need a backup contact for the Scranton route with only 1 vehicle waiting to ship.

Why Direct Express Auto Transport?

The moving across country cost can be a financial burden. Our competitive rates strike a balance between a fair payday for the carrier, who wouldn’t otherwise take the vehicle, and making sure our customers do not get ripped off by other moving across country shipping brokers. Some of those brokers are shameless, charging nearly double what moving car across country should. Our original auto transport quote calculator takes the sting out of the process.

Of All The Moving Companies Across Country – We Are Best!

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