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Auto Shipping Quote Calculator to New York

New York

Auto transport service to New York City is a mixed bag. Our innovative car shipping quotes calculator makes it easier to determine an auto transport rate from anywhere to the Big Apple, but it cannot tell the whole story. We would like our quotes to advise, “Please don’t ship your car from Manhattan.” Ever been to Manhattan? It sure is exciting as there is nothing quite like it. Now imagine an auto transport carrier crawling down Fifth Avenue or 42nd Street competing with taxis for the right lane. Yeah, you get the picture. It is no fun for anyone. So would it kill you to go across the Washington Bridge and meet an auto shipper in New Jersey? That is the smartest thing to do. We highly recommend doing that so that your vehicle shipment can happen much faster, and probably much cheaper if you look to see a car shipping quote online from or to New Jersey.

Shipping a car is also easier to Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Yonkers or the Bronx than it is from or to Manhattan. The tolls become a bit of an issue because it can drive up the cost of shipping a vehicle, and frankly are a pain in the butt getting through them, but with so many other cars being shipped there it certainly benefits from economy of scale. So it is better to ship a car in the other boroughs than Manhattan. Except if you are transporting a vehicle to the far end of Long Island, such as Sag Harbor. To an auto shipper it feels like driving to England. We know, you can’t drive to England, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel like it.

Normally we say you can easily go to our website and get an instant car shipping quote and be done with it. But it might be a good idea to pick up the phone and call Direct Express Auto Transport customer service at 800-600-3750 and speak about a good plan for shipping your car to the New York City boroughs.

Auto Shipping With Items In Your Trunk

Luggage in TrunkThere are a lot of things to consider when you plan on transporting your vehicle. If you’re selling your house and planning to move, how you plan on transporting yourself, and any items you have, are a big factor. It’s very important to keep in mind, that most auto shippers generally only allow up to 100 pounds of extra weight confined to your car’s trunk. This can potentially be a frustrating part of your moving plan, where as a lot of people assume that it’s OK to pack their vehicle full of household items. Remember that the auto transporters have to be very careful with how much extra weight is on their truck to avoid being fined by the highway patrol. This is why there is a limit of 100 pounds confined only to the trunk of your vehicle.

Keep in mind, the auto shipper is not responsible for any personal items that you decide to transport with your vehicle. It’s only the vehicle itself that is fully insured during the transport. Considering that, it is advised that if you plan on transporting any items with your vehicle, that they are not valuable or sentimental items. How you transport yourself, your children, and your pets, is up to you and not the auto transporter. It might be a pain at first knowing you can’t pack your house in your car, but it’s best to know the rules and avoid any surprise charges at the end of the car shipment.

Shipping to Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz Beach BoardwalkSanta Cruz is well known for its warm summers and laid back ambiance. Perfect for a stroll down town on Pacific Avenue and catching the late night horse carriage. Or a fun night at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ridding the Giant Dipper. Even better, a day at the beach paddling, surfing or simply enjoying the beautiful sunsets. It all really does make it a perfect get away. When shipping your car from or to Santa Cruz, as beautiful as it is, it really is hard.

Just imagine an auto transport trailer carrying about seven to ten cars roaring down Highway 17, maneuvering every curve down the highway. Yeah, a really rare picture. It is not the most common thing to see auto shipping trailers on that road. Generally, when you opt for car shipping from or to Santa Cruz, we highly recommend to either be patient or to be flexible. It has happened before where the car shipment happens super fast. In most cases, we suggest being flexible and meet the auto transport carrier in San Jose, making your delivery faster and easier.

Of course, it all comes down to if you are in a hurry or not. Keep in mind you can always patiently await your car at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk while you enjoy your caramelized apple or funnel cake!