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Does Your Vehicle Need Flatbed Shipping?

Flatbed Auto Shipping

Flatbed auto shipping is not a type of transport service that is usually available on demand. What we mean by that is that unlike open or enclosed, which you can choose between, you can really only “choose” flatbed shipping if there are no other transport options available for your vehicle. Typically vehicles that require flatbed transportation are much too large to fit on the back of a standard open carrier or inside an enclosed container, so there is no other option available but to ship it via flatbed truck, which are designed to transport heavier or larger vehicles.

Vehicles that may need flatbed shipping include larger pickup trucks and SUV’s, as well as larger cargo vans. Construction equipment and other types of vehicles that may not be street legal but are still large and heavy may also require a flatbed carrier in order to transport them. Some smaller pickup trucks may need flatbed shipping if they have been lifted or modified in ways to make them longer, heavier or taller than usual. If your vehicle falls into one of these categories, you should always make sure you let any representatives know right off the bat so they are able to get you the most accurate auto transport quote for your specific vehicle.

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