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How Construction Equipment is Transported

Flatbed Auto TransportTransporting Construction Equipment

There are lots of different things out there that aid in the construction of buildings and the like. Whether you’re looking to ship a smaller construction vehicle or something massive, you should be able to get quotes to transport it. However, because of the nature of construction equipment – they are naturally larger and heavier than even larger civilian vehicles – most every piece of construction equipment will need to be shipped via a flatbed auto transport truck. To be clear, we’re talking about construction equipment that has wheels and can be driven – bulldozers, bobcats, things of that nature. They will all need to be transported on a flatbed transport truck.

Flatbed transportation is more expensive than standard auto transport services because they are built to haul larger, heavier vehicles that standard shippers can’t. However, when it comes to construction equipment transport, there is not a lot of demand for it, and since flatbed carriers haul larger vehicles and there are not as many large vehicles out there they need to charge much more in order to break even and keep their business in business. Expect higher prices when transporting construction equipment, and you should also be prepared to wait a bit longer for pickup of your construction equipment. It takes a bit longer to find a flatbed carrier as there are fewer on the road than open or enclosed shippers; as such, they will take longer to find and may take a few more days to get to your vehicle.

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