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The Importance of Auto Transport Insurance

Auto transport insurance is a crucial aspect of the car shipping process that protects your vehicle from damages and losses during transportation. This article will explore everything you need to know about auto transport insurance to make informed decisions when shipping your vehicle.

Auto Transport Insurance Primarily Covers Driver Negligence

Most auto transport carriers have insurance policies that primarily cover driver negligence. The insurance policy provisions typically do not cover acts of God. In other words, natural events beyond the driver’s control are usually not covered. Mechanical failures or loose parts are not covered. That is because the driver is not responsible for having caused those issues.

What is Auto Transport Insurance?

Auto transport insurance is a type of insurance coverage that protects your vehicle during transportation from one location to another. This insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement of the car in case of any damages or losses during transit if the carrier’s driver is found negligent. The auto transport company usually offers an insurance policy and covers various perils.

Why do you need your own policy insurance?

Shipping a vehicle is a complex and risky process, and it is essential to have insurance coverage to protect your car in case of any unforeseen events during transportation. Insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection, ensuring your vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition. Maintaining your own vehicle insurance policy is a wise thing to do. Sometimes the transport carrier becomes difficult or uncooperative. Having your own policy and agent provides coverage and an advocate.

All insurance companies have subrogation divisions that communicate with one another and can quickly determine the fault of any damage claim. They tend not to jerk one another around. They both know the rules and recognize a liability. Let your insurance company first cover you, then go to battle for you.

Different Types of Car Transport Insurance?

There are two main types of auto transport insurance: basic liability coverage and full coverage.

Basic liability coverage is the minimum insurance coverage required by law for all auto transport companies. This coverage only covers damages caused to other vehicles and properties during transportation and does not cover damages to your car.

On the other hand, full coverage is a comprehensive insurance policy that covers damages to your vehicle during transportation. This type of insurance provides a higher level of protection, and we recommend it for expensive or high-value cars.

How to Choose the Right Insurance?

Choosing the right insurance requires careful consideration of various factors, including the coverage offered, the cost, and the insurance provider’s reputation. Understanding the scope provided by the policy and selecting a policy that meets your specific needs and budget is crucial.

When selecting an insurance policy, it is also essential to consider the insurance provider’s reputation. You can research the insurance provider online, read reviews and ratings, and check their financial stability to ensure that they can pay out in case of a claim.


Auto transport insurance is a crucial aspect of the car shipping process that provides financial protection and peace of mind. It covers damages and losses caused by driver negligence during transportation, ensuring that your vehicle arrives at its destination in the same condition. Understanding the different types of auto transport insurance and choosing the right policy can help you make informed decisions when shipping your vehicle.

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