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Florida was originally land that belonged to Spain. It was named La Florida, which means the flower, by Juan Ponce de Leon. Florida became a state is 1845. Because of its location, Florida is susceptible to hurricanes, which mostly happen from August to October. You may recall that Hurricanes Andrew, Ivan and Katrina all happened in August or early September with devastating results. However, this does not stop people from setting up their car transport to Florida, which is still a favorite destination.

Ship Cars To Florida In The Winter

Florida’s subtropical and tropical climates, along with its gorgeous coasts, attract people from all over the world. Northerners habitually migrate to southern areas with warmer climates during the winter months, and they often flock to Florida to escape the frigid temperatures and snow. Florida is an excellent vacation spot, a second home or retirement oasis. Florida auto transport drivers find themselves providing vehicle shipping services to customers staying in resorts or summer homes.

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When traveling through Florida, auto transport teams will see that it’s loaded with vacation destinations. Florida also has several landmarks and attractions. Florida is the home to Disney World, Universal Studios and The Kennedy Space Center.

In recent years, Miami has gained the largest number of Cuban-Americans in the entire state of Florida. This southern part of Florida has seen a cultural transformation over past decades. Miami is heavily influenced with Cuban culture and a large portion of Spanish speaking communities.

Car Transport to FloridaSome well-known people have come from Florida. From the 1950’s sitcom, The Honeymooners, actor, comedian and musician, Jackie Gleason, was born here. How sweet it is!

Also, the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, purchased property in Florida, sailed its warm waters, and wrote stories.

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The 2000 Presidential Election between Texas Governor George W. Bush  and Vice-President Al Gore was decided in Florida, where less than 300 votes separated the two. After much ballyhoo and legal wrangling, the United States Supreme Court decided in favor of Mr. Bush. Both Democrats and Republicans did a lot of vehicle shipping during that political battle. Florida also prides itself on their historic sports teams. In 1972 the Miami Dolphins became the only Super Bowl champions to have a 17-0 perfect season. In 2013, the Miami Heat made NBA history with LeBron James as the MVP. That Heat team won 27 basketball games in a row, the second longest streak ever.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Cars From Florida To California?

Auto transporter Florida drivers will be pleased to know that the Sunshine State has quite a few major metropolitan areas. Fort Lauderdale is the largest metropolitan area in Florida, followed by Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg. Auto transport Florida drivers may find these areas to be perfect spots for vehicle shipping. South Beach, a neighborhood in Miami, is another popular spot in Florida. Nicknamed, SoBe, it sits right on the coast and is the center of entertainment, shops and dining for tourists, residents and auto shippers. Not surprisingly, one thing Florida and California residents have in common is an affinity for warm weather. Either state is a favorite relocation destination for the other. It really doesn’t cost too much to ship cars from Florida to California, and back.

You don’t have to worry about taking a long road trip to begin your fun in Florida. Whether you are flying in for a vacation, are seeking to escape from the wintery scene in the north, or are looking to make Florida your permanent home, save time and energy by utilizing a quality Florida car transport service to ship your car. You can also visit Direct Express Auto Transport to fill out a simple form and get a free car shipping quote. We make it easy to book your vehicle shipment online.

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