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Enclosed Car Transport is designed to haul expensive, classic or collector vehicles that should not be exposed to inclement weather, road debris or dirt. Approximately 3% of all vehicle shipments are shipped Enclosed Transport. The average cost for Enclosed Auto Transport is roughly 50% more than Open-Air Car Transport.

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Some Enclosed Car Transport trailers ship only one or two vehicles, which is ideal for routes of less than 500 miles, such as Los Angeles to San Francisco, or Boston to Philadelphia. Because only about 3% of vehicle shipments go Enclosed Transport, it would be harder to amalgamate a larger number of vehicles to transport on shorter routes nearly everywhere. So the one or two car Enclosed Transport carriers are ideal for that. Hard side and soft side Enclosed Transport are considered the same thing. Both protect from the elements, and also have a roof. There is little distinction between the two Enclosed Transport options and cost the same.


Well, everybody would like to baby their vehicles, protect them from the elements and ship Enclosed Transport. If you are willing and able to pay the nearly 50% more than Open-Air Transport to do that, it is indeed better. The vehicle arrives clean, not dirty from the road. No debris or rocks kicked up from the road to knick, scratch or dent the vehicle. Those are called acts of God, by the way, and are not negligence of the driver. Chances are much lower that there will be an insurance claim with Enclosed Auto Transport.

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