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discount auto shipping

Discount Auto Shipping: Is Cheaper Better?

The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car

If you’ve searched “cheapest way to ship a car,” you’re really looking for an excellent value: quality auto transport shipping at an affordable rate. As with any type of bargain, cheap car shipping can have its risks. There may be times where cheap does meet your needs, but on other occasions, it may end up costing a lot more in the long run—even if not in dollars. So how can you find the right balance of cost versus value when it comes to your car shipping needs? 

Is Cheap Car Shipping Better?

“Better” is such a subjective concept. What’s better for one person may not be for another. Instead, let’s look at your ultimate goal: pay as little as possible and still have your vehicle arrive at its destination in a timely manner. Several factors can contribute to car shipping prices, but not all of them mean that you have to sacrifice quality.

For instance, if you have flexibility as to when you ship your vehicle or how long it takes to arrive at its destination may be able to get you a better rate. If you can wait until the fall to ship instead of during summer’s busy season, you won’t be competing with as many people for limited space on transports. Or, if you’re shipping against the influx of snowbirds towards warmer weather, you could find a discounted rate offered by savvy shippers trying to fill low-demand routes. And if you use a reputable auto transport carrier with excellent logistics and strategic planning, you’re more likely to receive your car on time.

Cheap Auto Transport

Finding a good “cheap” car shipping company and avoiding the shady ones can be a challenge on your own, especially if this is your first time shipping a vehicle. You can spend hours researching reviews and individual companies. And while you are budget-conscious, you are still shipping something that is valuable to you. Most people don’t have money sitting around, not earmarked, to randomly buy a new car to replace the current one because of an uninsured shipping accident. And while you may not need collector-level shipping associated with a rare or expensive vehicle, you still expect your car to stay safe.

Top-quality car shipping companies offer you a variety of different shipping methods and speeds — some of which are geared towards expensive vehicles (enclosed transportation, for example). Other options are closer to what most car owners are wanting

Good companies also have infrastructure built up around them to make the process as streamlined and worry-free for customers as possible. From your very first quote, a good company will keep you in the know throughout the entire shipping process. This means friendly and helpful customer service reps, seasoned dispatchers who know the ins and outs of the American roadways, and safe and reliable drivers who know how to properly onboard, secure, and transport your investment. If you see cheap prices, check reviews on sites you trust to see if those prices are reflective of shoddy business practices, poor quality, or intelligent logistics.

Direct Express Auto Transport: Smart Cheap Car Shipping

Affordable car shipping shouldn’t have to come at the expense of quality service. And at Direct Express Auto Transport, it never does. With shipping options across the lower 48, we’ve built our reputation on exceptional service, high-quality equipment, and industry-leading logistics. We are proud to offer value, not just low prices. Our intelligent routing and supply-and-demand principles mean we offer the lowest rates possible while still providing exceptional service and only work with carefully vetted, insured carriers who share our customer-first values.

Not sure if our high-caliber car shipping is going to fit into your budget? Try out our easy-to-use Car Transport Quote Calculator to see just how affordable shipping with the best can be. The calculator gives you an accurate quote, not a random estimate. You can also check out more helpful information on our blog. And if you have any questions or prefer speaking to a friendly and helpful customer service team member, call us at 800-600-3750.

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