Discount Auto Shipping

Discount Auto Shipping: Is Cheaper Better?

Cheap Car Shipping — When It’s a Wise Investment, and When It Isn’t

If you’ve searched “cheapest way to ship car” on Google, you’re likely looking for an affordable way to ship your vehicle without breaking the bank. As with any type of bargain, cheap car shipping can have its risks. But cheap car shipping doesn’t necessary mean bad car shipping. In fact, there are many cases where price is not reflective of quality of service at all. On this page, we cover the ins and outs of cheap car shipping—when it’s good, and when it’s not so good. Read on to learn how you can make the best investment for your car shipping needs, and book affordable and effective car shipping with our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport.

Is Cheap Car Shipping Better?

Sometimes, cheaper isn’t better. Sometimes, it is. That’s because they are several factors that can contribute to car shipping prices. Some are good signs; some are bad signs. We’ll start with the bad. Cheap car shipping companies spend less on quality, which can lead to devastating consequences for your car. Often, this lack of quality comes in the form of poor customer service, no insurance coverage, and unmet scheduling. Cutting corners can also lead to poor logistics. Often, cheap car shipping companies load their freight trucks with cars going to a number of different destinations. If cars aren’t being grouped together by intelligent logistics, you’re liable to have your car on the road for hundreds of extra miles because the driver needs to stop in Milwaukee, Des Moines, Memphis, and Richmond, before dropping your car off to you in Pittsburgh five days later than projected. Other times, cheap car shipping companies are low balling just to get the customer to place an order. When push comes to shove, they won’t ship. In these cases, low prices are the result of low quality. These are cheap car shipping companies you want to avoid.

Now, the good. Sometimes, cheap car shipping is the result of strategic planning in a supply and demand market. During certain times of year in certain areas, many people are shipping their cars in one direction. For example, many “snowbirds” ship their cars from the cold Northeast to the warm Southeast in the winter. Since everybody is trying to ship in this direction at the same time, prices increase. Since far fewer people are shipping in the opposite direction, prices decrease for those shipping routes. Market-smart companies will offer decreased prices for low-demand routes to fill orders without sacrificing quality. In these cases, cheap car shipping is a good thing.

How to Find the Right Kind of Cheap Car Shipping

Finding a good cheap car shipping company and avoiding bad cheap shipping companies requires a bit of research. What you’re looking for are indicators of quality. The first question is: what standard of quality should you search for? If you’re searching “cheapest way to ship a car” on the internet, you’re probably not shipping an Aston Martin or a 1950’s Mercedes-Benz. Still, you’re shipping something that is valuable to you. You don’t have the money sitting around to afford an extra car, but you don’t have the money to replace your current one because of an uninsured shipping accident. You don’t necessarily need collector-level shipping, but you need your car to stay safe.

Top-quality car shipping companies offer you a variety of different shipping methods — some of which are geared towards expensive vehicles (enclosed transportation for example), others are closer to what most drivers are looking for. This gives you the flexibility to find the right fit for your vehicle.

Good companies also have infrastructure built up around them to make the process as streamlined and worry-free for customers as possible. From your very first quote, a good company will keep you in the know throughout the entire shipping process. This means friendly and helpful customer service reps, seasoned dispatchers who know the ins-and-outs of the American roadways, and safe and reliable drivers who know how properly onboard, secure, and transport your investment. If you see cheap prices, check reviews on sites like Trustpilot to see if those prices are reflective of poor quality or intelligent logistics.

Direct Express Auto Transport: Smart Cheap Car Shipping

Cheap car shipping shouldn’t have to come at the expense of quality service. Here at Direct Express Auto Transport, it never does. We’ve built our reputation on exceptional service, high-quality equipment, and industry-leading logistics. Our cheap prices are the result of intelligent routing. We follow supply and demand principles to give you the lowest rates possible.

For years, we’ve been an industry leader in nationwide vehicle shipping for businesses and private vehicle owners. With our streamlined 5-step quote-to-delivery process, we are able to ship our vehicles at rates that are competitive across the country. With a 9.8 out of 10 TrustScore on Trustpilot and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, we are more than affordable — we’re reliable. Not sure if our high-caliber car shipping is going to fit into your budget? Try out our simple and easy-to-use Car Transport Quote Calculator to see just how affordable shipping with the best can be.