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Shipping a Car in the Summer

Summer Road Car ShippingSummer is the busiest time for the auto transport industry. Snowbirds who migrated to warmer weather in places like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California in winter return home to mild temperatures in Wisconsin, Maine, Michigan, and beyond. 

Families moving, whether locally, across the state, or country, will wait until school is over to make it an easier transition for their kids. College is done for a few months, and lots of vehicles are shipped back home for summer break. This means that the end of May and the beginning of June mark some of the busiest months for car shipping of the whole year. The auto shipping requests level out and stabilize, but only for a few weeks.

Then comes the biggest party of the summer, Independence Day. Auto transport carriers want to take a break and enjoy the 4th of July with family, friends, food, and fireworks. This can, however, create a backlog of vehicles waiting to ship, which takes nearly two weeks to correct. Once the backlog is cleared, it’s back to a steady flow of vehicles being shipped all across the nation. When college and school start back up, the car shipping industry sees another burst. This is just a small part of the seasonal fluctuation in auto shipping.

Summer vs. Winter Car Shipping

There is definitely a big difference in shipping your vehicle in the summer vs. during winter. Numerous factors come into play and will undoubtedly affect the time it takes for your vehicle to arrive at its new destination, as well as how much you’ll pay to get it there. Account for fluctuations, especially if it’s your first time shipping a vehicle

During the summer, great weather means it’s easier to transport cars because auto carriers don’t have to worry about snow or ice, especially in the northernmost climates. However, for that same reason, along with all the families moving when school is out of session, the competition for space on a car transport is a little more fierce. Yes, you’ll get your car. It may take a little longer, or you might have to boost your offer to be a more appealing choice for the carrier. In the end, you’ll get your car shipped.

Shipping a vehicle in the winter could be a little more challenging, depending on where you’re starting from and going to. If you’re moving the car from one relatively mild climate to another, you might be pleasantly surprised by your options. If you’re going to or from a location with inclement weather, you might have to be a bit more patient to find a carrier willing to ship your vehicle or pay an extra incentive.

Best Time to Ship a Car

So when is the best time to ship your car? If you have flexibility as to when you’re shipping your vehicle, fall is your best bet. September, October, and the first half of November offer the best rates and fastest times for shipping a car. The weather is still mild, making it more favorable for transportation to run smoothly without weather messing up schedules. Plus, the summer rush has died down, and the holidays have yet to come, which is a time car shippers want to spend with their families too. 

If flexibility isn’t an option, keep a couple of things in mind when shipping your car regardless of the season. First, be mindful of the contract with your carrier. Don’t pay the full price up front, or you could wind up in a lurch. Most reputable companies will only charge a partial payment. Secondly, utilize Direct Express Auto Transport’s quote calculator. You’ll get options for speed of transport with Standard, Expedited, and Rush rates. Sometimes, a little extra money can make a big difference if you need your vehicle to arrive faster.

When you’re ready to ship, book online or speak to one of our friendly and helpful customer service members at 800-600-3750.

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