What To Expect In The Summer For Car Shipping

Summer Car Shipping Quotes by Direct ExpressWhat To Expect In The Summertime For Car Shipping

The snowbirds in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California made it home! Whew … what a rush. However, there is no rest for the weary when it comes to auto shipping brokers, of which we are undeniably the best. How do we know? For starters the carriers tell us that our customers are better prepared than any others and know what to expect. That means far fewer cancellations. We hear from car transport lead providers (we always turn them down) that the cancellation rate for most of their clients (other brokers) is over 50%. Now that’s a whole lot of trouble and a miserable failure. No wonder so many of them go out of business quick.

Summertime and the living is easy … and busy when it comes to shipping cars. Here’s what to expect. Early June and the college kids are shipping their cars home from all over the country. For many families, they waited until the school year was over and begin relocating to a new city and new life. It is both exciting and scary. We get that and try hard to relieve some of the stress with reliable and accurate quotes to ship your car!

Right around the 4th of July weekend, auto transport carriers get the bright idea of staying home to enjoy barbecue burgers, corn on the cobb, a few brew with family and friends. That’s all fine and dandy except for one thing. It creates one heckuva backlog of vehicles waiting to ship, which takes nearly two weeks to flush out. Everything slows down and nobody is happy. We love the 4th of July … and we dread it. Funny, eh?

Great Advice For Summer

By the end of July and early August things have simmered down. It is still very busy in the car shipping world, but a national balance has been found in regard to vehicle supply and demand. Around mid-August there is a late rush of orders coming from college kids going back to school, and families moving to their new cities before school starts around Labor Day.

Good Advice Shipping A Car From Direct Express Auto TransportOn any given day during June, July and August 2017, there will be several thousand vehicles waiting to ship. All of those vehicles are competing with one another for precious auto transport truck space. Our good advice to you booking an order is to consider adding a tad more money. You are competing after all and sometimes just $50 extra makes a big difference. Our first of a kind car shipping quote calculator does a spectacular job of adjusting summer car transport pricing and gives you the customer the option of Expedited and Rush rates. That is exactly the sort of thing that will help alleviate customer stress and get your vehicle on the road this summer. Book it securely online or call our customer service representatives at 800-600-3750.