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Oklahoma Car Shipping Services

  • 20 Years Experience Shipping Cars
  • 4.6 Average Star Rating Google, BBB, TrustPilot
  • No Personal Information Required for Quotes
  • We changed the auto transport industry!
Ship your car to or from Oklahoma faster, smarter and safer with Direct Express Auto Transport
Reliable Car Shipping Fast & Reputable

Oklahoma Car Shipping Services

  • 20 Years Experience Shipping Cars
  • 4.6 Average Star Rating Google, BBB, TrustPilot
  • No Personal Information Required for Quotes
  • We changed the auto transport industry!
Ship your car to or from Oklahoma faster, smarter and safer with Direct Express Auto Transport.

See Why People Prefer Direct Express Auto Transport

BBB Accredited Business Car Shipping Services in Oklahoma
Google Reviews for Car Shipping Services in Oklahoma
Trust Pilot Reviews and Happy Car Shipping Customers in Oklahoma

Car Shipping Oklahoma

With nearly 20 years of experience, we specialize in auto transport and car shipping services in Oklahoma. You have come to the right place. We are a car shipping company that arranges for the safe and secure transportation of cars, SUV’s, vans, pickup trucks and more, anywhere in America to or from Oklahoma.

Top Rated Oklahoma Car Shipping Company

Our Oklahoma car shipping experts tell you how to prepare your vehicle for shipment and answer many of your questions on the entire car shipping process.

We are licensed, bonded and insured to ship your car to or from Oklahoma. Since 2004, Direct Express Auto Transport has been an industry leader on innovation, expertise and commitment to excellence.

Auto Transport Reviews From Our Customers in Oklahoma & Beyond

  • My Auto Transport Experience

    Nancy B.

    I am so pleased with my decision to use Direct Express Auto Transport! Ashley was a knowledgeable and confidence inspiring representative and my driver was on time and my car was in perfect shape!

  • Great Auto Transport Service To Texas

    Steve S.

    Talked to Jessica on Wednesday to have 65 El Camino shipped from Calif to Texas. Was picked up on Thursday the 16th and delivered on Monday the 20th. Beautiful truck and great driver. Sebastian was the driver’s name. Also it was awesome to see all the other great cars.

  • Enclosed Auto Transport

    Derek K.

    Fantastic experience all around, from the office people calling me back on a Sunday when a question popped up, to getting the car delivered very quickly, the whole process went perfectly. Will use them again for sure.

  • My Car Arrived Sooner Than Expected!

    Charlie R.

    Driver was very efficient and accommodating! Once he picked up the vehicle he stayed in contact with us all the way to delivery. Thank you very much for hauling this vehicle for us because we have no way of doing it ourselves.

  • Auto Transport From Florida

    Alicia L.

    My car was picked up on a Friday morning and arrived at my destination two days later. The driver made sure that I was on time delivering my car and he made sure my car was delivered to me in a timely manner also…

  • Auto Transport Service To Arizona

    Jeff B.

    Another excellent job by Direct Express Auto Transport! This is the 3rd time we’ve shipped with this Direct Express Auto Transport. They’re courteous, professional, and on time. I highly recommend this company and their services!

  • Car Transported California to Texas

    Bill A.

    I used the expedited shipping option and they told me it will be picked up within 3-4days. Luckily my car was picked up on the very first day. It was assigned to one of their transport companies and I received my car within 10days. They are very professional.

Popular Oklahoma Car Shipping Services

There are many car shipping service options available from which to choose.

Open-Air Carrier Service

Most people, about 97%, choose Open-Air Car Transport Services, which is what you often see on the highway, on an open-air carrier that is exposed to the elements like weather. Why? Because open-air auto transport service is statistically very safe, and likely the cheapest car shipping service option.

Open-Air Car Carrier Shipping Service in Oklahoma
Enclosed Car Carrier Shipping Company in Oklahoma

Enclosed Carrier Service

The remaining 3% of the customers select Enclosed Car Transport Services, which you normally don’t even notice on the road because the vehicles are hidden inside the carrier and protected from the elements. Why go Enclosed Carrier? To protect an expensive vehicle, maybe a sports car, collector or classic car. It costs approximately 50% more than Open-Air Car Transport.

Door-to-Door Vehicle Shipping Service to/from Oklahoma

The most popular method of auto transport is Door-to-Door Service because it is the quickest and least intrusive way to ship a car. People much prefer Door-to-Door Service, because they can maintain use and control of their vehicle. It is also faster and in the long run more prudent and economical.

Non-Running Car Transport Service

A small percentage, probably less than 1%, require Non-Running Car Transport Service. Not all transport carriers have a wench, so finding one that does and is willing to wrestle a non-operational vehicle onboard is harder to do. It costs more to ship non-running vehicles. The extra cost is usually in the range of $150-$250, but can run higher for especially large vehicles.

Across Country Auto Shipping Service to/from Oklahoma

Most of the auto shipping service we provide is interstate. In other words, vehicle shipping from one state to another. Many times it is auto shipping in regional states, like the Midwest, Atlantic Seaboard, Pacific Northwest or New England. We arrange for in-state car shipments too.

But often times what we provide is coast to coast car shipping, or across country auto shipping, such as East Coast to West Coast, and vice-versa. It takes longer and costs more, which is to be expected. Direct Express Auto Transport is expert at getting your car shipped to/from Oklahoma faster, smarter and more affordably.

Standard Rate Car Shipping Service

Direct Express Auto Transport offers three distinct tiers of car transport service. Standard, Expedited and Rush. Think of it as walk, jog, run. The Standard Rate is the most basic fee that a carrier delivery might be expected to accept. You might get lucky and ship a car quickly even at the lower rate, but usually it will take a tad longer than the other two options.

Expedited Rate Auto Transport Service

We highly recommend the Expedited Rate car shipping service. It has high customer satisfaction, because it edges your car shipping order ahead of others also waiting for a carrier spot on your route. For just a little bit more, you get faster shipping service.

Rush Rate Vehicle Transport Service

We offer a third option, the Rush Rate for customers who are in a big hurry and want their car shipped right away. It costs still more than Expedited Rate but for those in a hurry, it is worth it. The Rush Rate is designed to entice car transport carriers to select first, ahead of all others waiting, those higher paying vehicle shipments and it works like a charm.

Snowbird Auto Transport Service to/from Oklahoma

Snowbird Auto Transport Service to/from Oklahoma

Typically in December and January, thousands of people, whom are called Snowbirds, rely on auto transport companies to ship a car from the wintery northern states to the warmer southern states. Snowbirds then do the reverse migration a few months later in the spring, usually in April and May. Florida tops the list for Snowbird auto transport destinations. Not far behind are Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and the southern parts of California, Alabama, and Louisiana.

College Student Car Shipping Service to/from Oklahoma

Every August and September, college students ship their cars to universities all over America. Many choose to fly, and ship a car instead of drive it. Then they do the reverse home usually in May and June.

Military Personnel Car Transport Service to/from Oklahoma

Our armed forces are stationed on hundreds of military bases throughout America. We respect and thank them for their service to country. We are here to provide car transport services to our military personnel.

College Student Car Shipping Service to/from Oklahoma

How Oklahoma Auto Transport Works

Get Your Car Shipping Quote

The first step in discovering how auto transport works is to get a reliable car shipping quote from the company that invented it – Direct Express Auto Transport. Start off by entering into the car shipping calculator your origination and destination city zip codes. The city, town or area will usually auto-populate. Then choose the year, make and model of the vehicle(s) you are shipping. Select whether your vehicle is running or non-running? And then finally, choose whether you wish to go Open-Air Carrier or Enclosed Carrier?

That’s it! You should see your Oklahoma car shipping cost in 5 seconds or less! Did you notice that the car shipping calculator did not ask for any personal information?

Select From Three Car Shipping Rates

We offer three levels of Oklahoma car shipping rates. It is based upon how quickly a customer wants or needs to ship a car. You are actually competing with other auto transport customers for space on a trailer. We are expert at figuring that out.

Enter Your Oklahoma Vehicle Transport Order

It only takes five minutes to place your vehicle transport order online.

Provide pertinent information such as your origination and destination location contacts, shipping addresses, and the first date that your vehicle is available for transport? It all goes on the car transport carrier Bill of Lading (BOL).

Enter your billing information. Your credit card will not be charged at that time. Only upon successful carrier assignment will a partial payment be processed.

Vehicle Assignment To An Auto Transport Carrier

Direct Express Auto Transport will notify you via email regarding your carrier assignment, which will contain the name of the driver, his phone number, and the estimated dates for pickup and delivery.

The earliest you may see the Carrier Assignment email is a few days prior to your first available date to ship. But it may also be a number of days after your first date available before a carrier calls to lay claim to your order. The top car shipping load board is Central Dispatch, which only licensed and bonded brokers, dealers and carriers have access to.

Your Pick Up Contact Is Notified

We send your assigned carrier the pickup and destination information, including contacts.

Please be sure your contacts make themselves available to speak with the carrier. The carrier driver will not just show up unannounced. He or she will call your pickup contact first to coordinate time and place to meet, and also verify information.

Most times it is necessary to meet the carrier close by your neighborhood at a place the driver can safely maneuver his or her big truck. That is still in the spirit of door-to-door service. Simply fill out a vehicle condition report authorizing the car shipment and hand over the keys. No other paperwork is necessary. It’s actually very easy.

The Car Delivery Service Drops Off Your Vehicle

The car delivery service is not supposed to just show up unannounced. The driver ideally should call the day before to alert your destination contact of his pending arrival, and will give a rough estimation of what time of day to expect.

When the car delivery service does arrive, you should thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any damage. That is your opportunity to speak up, make proper notes on the vehicle condition report and even take digital photos. Any issues can be addressed later. Industry rules state that you are to pay the carrier the balance owed before receiving your vehicle. That is regardless of the condition.

There you have it! Direct Express Auto Transport makes this simple six-step process a breeze and you can drive off with your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To/From Oklahoma?

We originated the instant online car shipping cost calculator in 2004. We ask for no personal information to provide an auto transport quote.

Our Oklahoma car shipping quote calculator factors many variables, including the route distance, size of the vehicle, populations of both the origination and destination locations, and the season that it is being shipped.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To/From Oklahoma?

Typical Oklahoma Car Shipping Estimate Examples

350 mi $400 $450 $550
700 mi $600 $650 $775
1000 mi $700 $775 $900
2000 mi $1000 $1100 $1300
3000 mi $1300 $1400 $1600

* The auto transport cost calculator changes throughout the year with the seasons. Always double check pricing when ready to ship your car.  

The Main Factors That Determine Oklahoma Car Shipping Cost

Car Shipping Quotes Distance

The distance between the origination and destination locations is probably the number one factor in determining how much it costs to ship a car? The farther the car moving distance, the higher the expense for car shipping services in terms of fuel, wear and tear on the truck, and time. The price per mile goes down with longer distance, but the overall car shipping quote is higher.
Car Shipping Quotes Distance in Oklahoma

Vehicle Length

A great question is whether the length of the vehicle affects the car delivery service cost? The answer is yes it does. The average sedan is about 190 inches long. Any vehicle less than 190 inches is more desirable to a car shipping service dispatcher. It may allow car movers to also ship a longer vehicle for more money. Vehicles over 200 inches in length command higher car shipping prices to help compensate for the presumed loss.
Vehicle Length in Oklahoma

Vehicle Height

Height matters. Most sedans are about 57 inches high, midsize SUV’s 67 inches and larger SUV’s 73 inches on average. SUV’s are typically have higher pricing to transport than sedans. And special, taller SUV’s are still more than the regular SUV’s because it forces a lower paying sedan to fit over or under it.
Vehicle Height for Car Shipping in Oklahoma

Vehicle Ground Clearance

Direct Express Auto Transport makes sure all vehicles are insured while on the transport carrier. Not everybody is as diligent. The last thing an auto transporter wants is a damage claim. The lower the vehicle ground clearance, the more prone to damage, especially when shipping Open transport. A good rule of thumb would be that any vehicle with 4 inches ground clearance and lower should ship Enclosed Carrier Transport.
Vehicle Ground Clearance Auto Transport in Oklahoma

Vehicle Curb Weight

All car shipping services are cognizant of the weight scale stations they must pass through. Nobody wants to be told to remove freight, in this case a vehicle, because he is overweight. Heavier vehicles are also a drag on fuel consumption. That is why vehicles that approach 4,500 pounds and heavier start commanding higher auto transport prices.
Prep for Car Shipping Vehicle Curb Weight in Oklahoma

Vehicle Condition

Is your car operational? Does it run at least well enough to drive it on and off the auto transport carrier? Good. You just saved about $200 and maybe more on the non-running fee. It matters to car movers because it is hard to wrestle non-operational vehicles on and off.
Vehicle Condition Preparation for Shipping Car in Oklahoma

Wait Time To Pick Up My Vehicle In Oklahoma

Over 90% of our orders ship within one week. That could be anywhere from 1 to 7 days. Most Americans live in a major metropolitan area, and are likely to ship a vehicle to another highly populated area. That makes a big difference. Cars usually ship in a very regular manner, almost half within just a few days.
Wait Time To Pick Up My Vehicle In Oklahoma

Transit Time To Deliver My Vehicle To Oklahoma

Delivering your car to Oklahoma is the final step in the process, and also the simplest part. Once your vehicle has been assigned and picked up, not too much can go wrong. After your vehicle is picked up, you can estimate that it will take roughly one day of transit time for every 500 miles distance. Add a day or two for picking up and delivering vehicles.

Vehicle Carrier Transit Time For Car Delivery To/From Oklahoma

Depending on the car shipping distance, weather, vehicle size and locations, it could take even longer on the road. The car delivery service wants to deliver your vehicle as fast as possible, too.

100-500 miles takes 1 or 2 days
500-1000 miles takes 2 or 3 days
1000-1500 miles takes 3 or 4 days
1500-2000 miles takes 4 or 5 days
2000-2500 miles takes 5 or 6 days
2500-3000 miles takes 6 or 7 days

How To Prepare for Oklahoma Car Shipping Service

Before transporting your vehicle, there are several things you can do to prepare for car shipping service.

How To Prepare for Oklahoma Car Shipping Service

Clean Your Vehicle

Be sure to clean your vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out. That will help to identify any pre-existing damage.

Remove Personal Items

Be sure to remove any personal items inside your vehicle. Most auto transport companies discourage any personal items inside the vehicle. They are mindful of the weight extra items add. Some carrier drivers will allow up to 100 lbs confined to the trunk or otherwise out of sight. But ask first.

Disable Alarms

Disable car-alarms, and anti-theft devices inside the vehicle.

Remove Toll Tag Transponders

The highway and bridge tolls might trigger your toll transponder and charge your account. Take it easy on your credit card, remember to hide the transponders or remove them from your vehicle.

Take Photos Documenting Your Vehicle Condition to prepare for Shipping Your Car in Oklahoma

Take Photos Documenting Your Vehicle Condition

Photos documenting your vehicle condition, before handing it over to the car delivery driver, may make proving an incident much easier later. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Reduce Gas Tank to 1/4 Full

Reduce your gas tank to about 1/4 full, or no more than half a tank. Once again, weight is the car delivery driver’s concern and gasoline is heavy.

Car Delivery Driver Tips

Being a truck driver can be a thankless job. They work long hours and are away from their families for weeks at a time. Please be friendly and considerate to your auto transport driver once they arrive in Oklahoma, and they will treat you in the same polite manner. Most people tip the car delivery driver $50 to $100 for a job well done.

Oklahoma Cheap Car Shipping – Saving Money Tips

Everybody wants to save money and find cheap auto transport. It is not always possible. But here are some handy tips and suggestions.

Choose To Car Ship During The Off-Peak Seasons

The cheapest vehicle shipping rates happen during the slowest four months in the auto transport industry. February and March are typically slow months in which car shipping rates tend to be discounted. It happens again in Autumn, during October and November. A good tip is to ship a car anytime during those four months.

Meet The Automobile Shipping Service In The Nearest Big City

It is more expensive for a car shipping carrier to travel out of his way to a rural community. You can save money if willing to meet in the nearest big city, where the carrier is more likely to be picking up other vehicles.

Ship Open-Air Carrier Instead Of Enclosed Carrier

Open-Air Carrier is roughly 33% cheaper than Enclosed Carrier. If possible, choose the less expensive method to save money.

Snowbird Seasonal Fluctuations – Reverse Route

The best time for cheap car shipping service might be during the snowbird season on the reverse routes. Estimated money saving examples are:

33% Savings From Florida In The Winter
33% Savings To Florida In The Spring

25% Savings From Texas In The Winter
25% Savings To Texas In The Spring

20% Savings From Arizona In The Winter
20% Savings To Arizona In The Spring

More Good Information About Oklahoma

Oklahoma is the largest physical state in the union. It is also one of the least populated, making it difficult to amalgamate full transport carrier loads with vehicles. Here is good information you need to know about Oklahoma.

Major Highway System in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s major interstates and highways: I-35, I-40, I-44 – Crucial routes for OK’s traffic.

Best Oklahoma Car Shipping Near Me – Largest Hubs

The most active car shipping near me hubs in Oklahoma, where it is more advantageous to meet a car delivery driver, especially if you are in a rural location, are the following cities: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Broken Arrow, Lawton

Military Bases For Oklahoma Car Shipping Services

The military bases in Oklahoma include: Tinker Air Force Base

Oklahoma Universities We Provide College Student Auto Transport

The Oklahoma universities we provide college student auto transport services include, but aren’t only limited to: University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, University of Tulsa

Oklahoma Auto Transport Company FAQ’s

How Far In Advance Should You Set Up Your Oklahoma Auto Transport Order?
We recommend scheduling your Oklahoma auto transport order anywhere from two days to two weeks in advance. We are often able to ship your car next day or on the very same day, but providing us with a longer lead time allows us to schedule your vehicle transport better.
Is Car Shipping Safe to/from Oklahoma?

About 97% of all vehicle shipments are shipped on an Open Trailer. It’s proven to be a very safe method with statistically very few problems. You may notice new cars being delivered to dealerships in an open trailer, and that’s because it’s safe.

If you have a collector car or really expensive automobile, say around $100,000 or more, and want to be extra safe, then we recommend shipping in an Enclosed Trailer. Direct Express Auto Transport is an industry authority and can guide you on that decision.

Is It Better To Pay An Auto Transport Deposit?

The easy answer is yes, it is better to pay an auto transport deposit on your order. Carriers prefer getting paid with Cash or Money Order upon delivery for services rendered, and who wouldn’t? A partial credit card payment and cash balance due upon delivery accomplishes that.

Should I Insure My Vehicle While In Transit to/from Oklahoma?

All auto transport carriers are required by the US Department of Transportation to have a current and valid insurance policy on file. Direct Express Auto Transport double checks the insurance policy prior to assigning the customer vehicle to any carrier.

We recommend that a customer not depend entirely on the car shipping carrier’s insurance policy because sometimes acts of God, such as hail, sleet, snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and more, might damage your vehicle. Those things are not covered by the carrier’s policy, but they would be by your personal policy. Remember, car shipping drivers are only responsible for their negligence.

When I Ship My Car, Can I Put Stuff In It?

The strict D.O.T. decision is no, you cannot ship personal items inside your vehicle. The reality, however, is that most vehicle transport drivers will allow about 100 pounds or less. We recommend placing any additional items in the trunk and out of sight. The U.S. Department of Transportation law states that a carrier can be fined $10,000 for hauling household items in the vehicle. But it’s rarely enforced.

Some Oklahoma car delivery carrier drivers will accept a tip ($50-$300) for hauling extra stuff, but some won’t, or simply can’t, due to the overall weight. Rule of thumb, don’t take advantage. The driver is there to ship your car, not move your personal belongings.