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Car Shipping in the United States

Alabama Vehicle Shipping Services


Here is how to approach shipping a car to or from Alabama. It is not too hard to do in the northern part of the state north of Tuscaloosa. Greater Birmingham at 1.1 million people has about 1/3 the entire…

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Arizona Auto Transport Services


Arizona is one of the Four Corner States. It’s also one of the best places in the country to plan a road trip. Sharing borders with New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and the Mexican border, there are no shortages of…

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Arkansas Auto Transport


Before car moving in Arkansas, a visitor needs to take stock of one of the longest rivers to flow into the Mississippi River, which happens to be the Arkansas River. Other rivers include The Little Red River that is on…

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California Auto Transport Services


Want to ship your car to or from California? With our auto transport services, we make it easy car shipping in the Golden State. California is America’s most populous state with almost 40 million residents. If it were its own…

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Colorado Auto Transport Services


Demographer’s expect Colorado’s population to grow from 5.6 million in 2017 to 8.7 million by 2050. That’s a lot of people headed into Colorado, not to mention all the tourists that flock to the state for vacation and recreation opportunities.…

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Connecticut Auto Shipping


Several major interstates run through the state of Connecticut. The proximity of the car shipping center to the major interstates and metro areas is a convenience to those traveling in any direction along the east coast. In particular, Connecticut receives…

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Delaware Auto Transportation


Deciding the best way to ship your car to or from Delaware can seem daunting at first. Selecting a reliable Delaware car transport service can make all the difference. Direct Express Auto Transport changed the industry nearly twenty years ago…

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Florida vehicle transport services


Have you just searched “ship my car to Florida”? Congratulations! You’ve started the move to one of the most iconic states in the continental United States. Maybe you’ve finally decided to get a vacation house in Jacksonville to help you…

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Georgia Vehicle Transportation Services


Have you just searched “ship my car to Georgia”? Congratulations! You’ve started the move to what is considered “the capitol of the South”! Maybe you’ve finally decided to get a vacation house in Savannah to help you get through the…

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Idaho Vehicle Tranport services


Idaho is neighbored by Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Canada. The majority of land in Idaho is not inhabited by people. It’s no wonder why Idaho has a very low population compared to other states in the U.S., so…

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illinois car shipping services


If you’ve searched “shipping a car to Illinois”, or simply “car transport from Illinois,” you’ve likely encountered a large number of options. When it comes to auto transport companies, Illinois has plenty of choices. On this page, Direct Express Auto…

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Indiana Auto Transport Service


Indiana’s major cities are all linked to Indianapolis, which is widely known as the Crossroads of America. Four major interstates all run through Indianapolis, including Interstate 70, a widely-used and important part of the Interstate Highway System. I-70 passes through…

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Iowa Auto Transport


A few noteworthy individuals have come from Iowa. Herbert Hoover, the 31st president, was born in West Branch, Iowa. The Oscar winning actor John Wayne was born in Winterset, Iowa. The crooner Andy Williams was born in Wall Lake, Iowa.…

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Kansas Car Shipping Services


Kansas is located in the Midwest. While your car is being hauled for you, auto transport carriers may see frequent changes in elevation. Vehicle shippers may drive near the lowest point in Kansas around the Verdigris River at 648 ft.…

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Kentucky Auto Transport


Don’t spend hours driving your car to Kentucky. Or doing the opposite: driving it from Kentucky to another part of the country. Don’t put up with the expense, inconvenience, and danger of a road trip that extends to hundreds or…

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You can find French influences throughout the Louisiana culture. It’s loudly presented in the architecture, and you can enjoy delicious cuisines bursting Creole or Cajun flavors. Cajuns, who are descendant of people who migrated to Louisiana from Canada in the…

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Maine Vehicle Transportation


Maine gained its statehood in 1820 and has a large percentage of French ancestry. Obviously English is the dominate language, but the French influence can be felt. While driving through the state, auto transport drivers may get some nice mountain…

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Maryland Auto Transport


Maryland is located on the east coast of the United States and ranks 42nd in geographic size. However, it is 18th in population at just over 6,185,278 people according to the 2020 census. With such a dense population, Maryland car…

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Massachusetts Vehicle Transportation


The American Revolution was fought during the late 18th century when the colonies tried to gain independence from Great Britain. The Boston Massacre occurred in 1770 and was the initial blow in the Revolutionary War. During this particular skirmish five…

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Michigan Auto Transport Services


Selecting a reliable Michigan car shipping service can take the stress out of moving your vehicle to a new city and state. Deciding the best way to ship your car to or from Michigan can seem daunting at first. Of course, you want to…

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Minnesota Auto Transport


Minnesota got its name from the Dakota Indian tribe word for “clear water”, which is Mnisota. Give that word to a large group of Scandinavian and German settlers and it comes out Minnesota. Our Native American brothers and sisters named…

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Mississippi Auto Transport


The state of Mississippi gets its name from the Mississippi River, which was named by the Chippewa Indians who called it “misi-ziibi”, which means literally the “Great River”. Phonetically you can hear how that translates easily to Mississippi. The capitol…

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Missouri Vehicle Transportation


Do you need to ship a vehicle in or out of Missouri? You’re in luck because it’s a lot easier than you expect. Since Missouri sits right in the center of the country, auto carriers pass through the state headed…

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Montana Vehicle Shipping Service


The Spanish word for mountain is “montana”. It rolls off the tongue and fits the state perfectly as the Rocky Mountains dominate the western third of Montana. There are not many folks in such a wide-open place, and that makes…

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Nebraska Vehicle Transportation


Fortunately one of the busiest east-west interstate freeways in the country cuts right through Nebraska, I-80. So the Nebraska auto transport action, if you want to call it that, happens best in Omaha, Lincoln, Grand Island and Kearney. Omaha also…

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Nevada Car Transport


Life gets a lot easier with Nevada auto transport. Why? Because you don’t have to drive your car to get it wherever you want. Here’s one scenario: You’re moving from one part of the country to Nevada and have more…

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New Hampshire Car Shipping Services

New Hampshire

New Hampshire got its name in 1630 from the English county that Captain John Mason hailed, Hampshire, which is near Southampton, England. The Algonquian Indians, who inhabited the state for hundreds of years prior, undoubtedly had another and probably cooler…

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New Jersey Auto Transport Services

New Jersey

It’s easy to think New Jersey should be overlooked. After all, it’s the fourth-smallest state, and many dismiss the Garden State as simply “East Philadelphia” or “South NYC.” But make no mistake, this tiny state packs a punch. It’s the…

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New Mexico car shipping

New Mexico

New Mexico car transport rates can be an arduous task to calculate. The state is the 6th least densely populated and 5th most extensive in terms of size. If the car shipper is not coming or going to Albuquerque, the chances of…

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New York Auto Shipping

New York

There are almost 2 million vehicles registered in New York City alone, and when you factor in the rest of the state, the total climbs even higher. With so many vehicles in one place, there’s a heavy demand for New…

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North Carolina Auto Transport Service

North Carolina

For thousands of years prior to European exploration, there were numerous indigenous tribes who inhabited North Carolina. Some spoke Algonquin and others Iroquoian. The Spanish were the first to arrive around 1540 and started settlements in 1567. Soon after the…

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North Dakota Car Shipping Services

North Dakota

There is nothing easy about North Dakota auto shipping. It is exceedingly hard, folks, because of a sparse population spread out over a wide area. That makes it difficult to amalgamate full truckloads of 8-10 vehicles for long haul car…

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Ohio Car Shipping


Good news for anyone who intends to ship a car to Ohio. The state has one of the biggest and best highways systems in the entire country. That’s a positive for auto shippers like you because it means there are…

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Oklahoma Vehicle Transportation


Oklahoma City is located in the very heart of Oklahoma. All roads seemingly lead to OKC. As you head west from Oklahoma City, the population starts to thin out pretty quick, which means it really is on the edge of…

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Oregon Auto Transportation


Beautiful Oregon is bordered by Washington to the north, Idaho to the east, and both Nevada and California to the south. Its entire western flank is on the Pacific Ocean, making for some remarkable scenic coastlines. The western third of…

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Pennslyvania Auto Shipping Services


On this page, Direct Express Auto Transport will help you narrow your search. We’ll cover the ins and outs of car shipping in Pennsylvania and show you why we are the best choice no matter the direction. Learn more about…

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Rhone Island Auto Transport Services

Rhode Island

Rhode Island car transport shipments are somewhat easy for the simple fact that “Little Rhody” is on the main I-95 corridor, which runs from Maine all the way south to Florida. Rhode Island benefits from being just south of Boston…

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South Carolina Vehicle Transportation

South Carolina

South Carolina is in the southeastern part of the United States. It is bordered by North Carolina to the north, and Georgia to the west and south. South Carolina is the 24th most populous state with almost 5,000,000 people. It…

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South Dakota

Our South Dakota auto shipping rates calculator favors those areas along the major interstates like Sioux Falls. South Dakota is so large yet so sparse in population. As of 2014, the South Dakota population was estimated at 844,877. That makes…

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Auto Transport Tennessee


Tennessee has three distinct regions each with a dominating city. That makes our Tennessee car shipping quotes calculator a breeze to use. In the Eastern region, Knoxville rests along the western side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I 40 runs east-west right…

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Texas Car Shipping Services


Texas is booming with nearly 29 million people and more moving in. Our Texas car shipping quote calculator gets quite a workout. Are you and your family thinking of making that move to Texas? When it comes to car shipping…

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Car Shipping Services in Utah


Affectionately known as the Beehive State, Utah offers much to enjoy for residents and visitors alike. There’s the hustle and bustle of Salt Lake City, of course, which has grown into a world-class metropolis over the decades. There are also…

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Vermont Car Shipping Services


One of the reasons that people count on our Vermont auto shipping quote calculator is that we have a reputation for shooting straight. That especially holds true when it comes to the great state of Vermont. Is there a more…

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Virginia Car Shipping Services


Virginia may be for lovers, but it’s also for drivers. Bustling cities, historical sites, and natural wonders make Virginia an ideal state to take a road trip. Travelers will have no trouble finding exciting and unexpected things to do, but…

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Washington, D.C. Auto Transport Services


Washington, D.C. is well-known for being the nation’s capital, unaffiliated with any state, and filled with politicians and traffic jams. And while those are all true, it’s so much more. There’s a myriad of reasons 24 million people visit it…

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West Virginia Car Shipping Services

West Virginia

West Virginia auto transport carriers have their work cut out for them navigating what many simply call, “Appalachia”. The mountainous terrain, valleys and rolling hills of West Virginia make it both beautiful and difficult for the auto transport industry. West…

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Car Shipping Services Wisconsin


Maybe you already live in (and obviously love!) Wisconsin or are moving there for the first time. Either way, one thing is certain…the beauty of this state barely holds a candle to the incredible people who call it home. More…

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Wyoming Car Shipping Services


Wyoming auto shipping carriers have a lot of ground to cover. The Cowboy State is the smallest in America, with only 577,737 people according to the 2018 census. However, that sparse population is spread over the 10th largest landmass in…

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