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Direct Express Auto Transport’s no personal information car shipping cost calculator has been the best since 2004.

Blog Posts

Winter Car and Truck Driving Tips
Winter Car and Truck Driving Tips
Driving can be a dangerous experience during the winter months when snow limits visibility and ice makes...
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A man driving car from on the highway
Everything That Can Go Wrong When Someone Drives Your Car Across Country
When was the last time you let a stranger drive your car? It’s probably been awhile, if ever. And when...
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Auto Trends
Auto Trends for 2021
For years now, we’ve been hearing about trends and technologies that will transform driving as we know...
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Car Depreciation Rates
Car Depreciation Rates
Average Car Depreciation Rates After One Year How much does a car depreciate when you drive it off the...
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a closeup view of tires - purchasing the right tires for your car
Purchasing the Right Tires for Your Car
Your tires are literally where “the rubber meets the road.” The tires you ride on affect the quality...
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Tips for Storing a Vehicle
Tips for Storing a Vehicle
In the US, there are around 273 million registered vehicles but only 227 million licensed drivers. Quick...
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