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Direct Express Auto Transport’s no personal information car shipping cost calculator has been the best since 2004.

Blog Posts

How To Ship Your Car To Your New Home During Deployment
Military Car Shipping During Deployment
If you are reading this guide, either you or your family member serve the United States military. First...
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employer asked to relocate
How to Decide Whether to Relocate for Work
Your employer has asked you to consider relocating for work to a different part of the country. Maybe...
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Shipping a Car in the Summer
Summer is the busiest time for the auto transport industry. Snowbirds who migrated to warmer weather...
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discount auto shipping
Discount Auto Shipping: Is Cheaper Better?
The Cheapest Way to Ship a Car If you’ve searched “cheapest way to ship a car,” you’re really looking...
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The Real Cost of Shipping a Car
The Real Cost of Shipping A Car
The most common questions we receive are about the cost of shipping a car. People can see the advantages...
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Towing vs Shipping a Car
Towing vs. Shipping a Car
When you need to move your car from point A to point B, there are a few options. Simply driving your...
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