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What To Know About Pickup Truck Shipping

Pickup truck shipping is as popular as ever in America and is a big part of Direct Express Auto Transport’s business.

When it comes to pickup trucks, not all are created equal. Each type of pickup truck has its unique features and specifications. Any pickup truck shipping company needs to factor in various vehicle dimensions. Arguably, our first-of-a-kind auto transport cost calculator does that better.

Any pickup truck transported that is longer than 200 inches, higher than 80 inches, or heavier than 5,000 pounds is likely to cost more to ship. Why? The simple answer is that those vehicle dimensions and specifications most often limit the total number of vehicles an auto transporter can fit onto a carrier. He must charge for the intrusion. And the greater those numbers are, the more he must be compensated.

Full-Size Pickup Trucks

Full-size pickup trucks are some of the most popular and versatile vehicles on the market. They come in a range of configurations, including regular cab, extended cab, and crew cab, as well as short and long bed lengths. Full-size pickup trucks are known for their impressive towing and hauling capabilities, making them ideal for heavy-duty work or trailer towing. They are also among the most costly vehicles to ship.

Popular Full-Size Pickup Trucks We Ship

  1. Ford F-150: The Ford F-150 is one of the best-selling pickup trucks of all time, known for its versatility and impressive towing and hauling capabilities.
  2. Chevrolet Silverado: The Chevrolet Silverado is another popular full-size pickup truck known for its comfortable ride and powerful engines.
  3. Ram 1500: The Ram 1500 offers a luxurious interior, impressive towing capabilities, and advanced technology features.

Mid-Size Pickup Trucks

Mid-size pickup trucks are smaller than full-size pickups but offer many of the same features and capabilities. They are ideal for those who want the versatility of a pickup truck but don’t need a full-size truck’s towing and hauling capabilities. Mid-size pickup trucks are great for outdoor enthusiasts who want to haul gear or tow a small camper. But make no mistake, mid-size pickup trucks are still big vehicles, and they are likely to cost more than most vehicles to ship.

Popular Mid-Size Pickup Trucks We Transport

  1. Toyota Tacoma: The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most popular mid-size pickup trucks on the market, known for its off-road capabilities and durability.
  2. Chevrolet Colorado: The Chevrolet Colorado offers impressive towing and hauling capabilities, a comfortable ride, and advanced safety features.
  3. Ford Ranger: The Ford Ranger is a reliable mid-size pickup truck with excellent fuel efficiency and many technology features.

Compact Pickup Trucks

Compact pickup trucks are the smallest of the pickup truck family. They are great for those who want a pickup truck for daily use, as they offer good fuel efficiency and easy maneuverability in city traffic. Compact pickup trucks are also great for those who need a vehicle for light-duty work or hauling small loads. They are much easier to ship, comparable to a mid-size SUV.

Popular Compact Pickup Trucks We Ship

  1. Nissan Frontier: The Nissan Frontier is a compact pickup truck known for its durability and affordability.
  2. Toyota Hilux: The Toyota Hilux is a popular compact pickup truck outside of the United States, known for its reliability and off-road capabilities.
  3. Chevrolet Montana: The Chevrolet Montana is a compact pickup truck popular in South America, known for its fuel efficiency and affordability.

Luxury Pickup Trucks

Luxury pickup trucks are designed for those who want the ultimate in style, comfort, and performance. They often feature premium leather upholstery, advanced technology, and robust engines. Luxury pickup trucks are ideal for those who want a truck that can handle heavy-duty work while providing a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. They are like full-size pickup truck shipping, usually more costly. We often see luxury pickup trucks ship enclosed transport, which is about 33% more expensive than open-air transport.

Popular Luxury Pickup Trucks We Transport

  1. Ford F-150 Limited: The Ford F-150 Limited is a luxurious pickup truck with premium features such as leather upholstery and advanced technology.
  2. Ram 1500 Limited: The Ram 1500 Limited offers a plush interior and advanced technology features, making it a top choice for luxury pickup truck buyers.
  3. GMC Sierra Denali: The GMC Sierra Denali is a luxury pickup truck known for its advanced technology, premium interior, and robust engines.

Electric Pickup Trucks

Electric pickup trucks are a new addition to the market, offering zero emissions and impressive torque. They are ideal for those who want an environmentally friendly and cost-effective pickup truck. Electric pickup trucks are also great for those who want a vehicle that requires less maintenance than a traditional gasoline-powered pickup truck. Electric engines tend to be heavier than fuel-injected engines, which makes them more costly to ship than their gas-powered counterparts.

Popular Electric Pickup Trucks We Ship

  1. Tesla Cybertruck: The Tesla Cybertruck is an upcoming electric pickup truck with an eye-catching futuristic design and impressive towing capabilities.
  2. Rivian R1T: The Rivian R1T is an electric pickup truck with advanced off-road capabilities and a luxurious interior.
  3. Ford F-150 Electric: The Ford F-150 Electric is an upcoming electric version of the popular Ford F-150, promising impressive power and capabilities.

Preparing Your Pickup Truck for Vehicle Transport

Before you ship your pickup truck, it is essential to ensure it is properly prepared. Here are some steps you should take:

  • Clean your pickup truck thoroughly to make sure all damages are visible.
  • Take photographs of your vehicle from different angles, documenting any existing damage.
  • Remove any personal belongings from your pickup truck.
  • Make sure your gas tank is a quarter full at maximum.
  • Disable any alarm systems or toll tags.

Choosing the Right Car Shipping Method

There are two primary car shipping methods for pickup trucks: open and enclosed transport. Open transport is less expensive and exposed to the elements. Enclosed transport is more costly than open-air transport, but your pickup truck is protected from the elements.

If you are shipping a luxury or high-end pickup truck, we recommend enclosed transport to ensure maximum protection. If you are vehicle shipping a standard pickup truck, open transport may be a good option.

Selecting an Auto Transport Company

Choosing the right auto transport company is crucial. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a shipping company:

  • Experience: Make sure the shipping company has experience shipping pickup trucks.
  • Insurance: Verify that the shipping company has adequate insurance coverage to protect your pickup truck in case of any damages during transport.
  • Cost: Compare quotes from different shipping companies to get the best price.
  • Reviews: Check online reviews to ensure the shipping company has a good reputation.
  • Customer service: Choose a shipping company that provides excellent customer service and is responsive to your questions and concerns.

Delivery and Pickup

When your pickup truck is delivered, inspect it thoroughly to ensure there are no damages. If there are any damages, take photographs and contact the shipping company immediately.

When picking up your pickup truck, the car shipping company will require you to inspect your vehicle and sign an inspection report before releasing your pickup truck to you.


Shipping your pickup truck can be stressful, but with proper preparation and the right shipping company, it can be a smooth and hassle-free experience. At Direct Express Auto Transport, we are committed to providing you with the best possible shipping experience. Contact us today at 800-600-3750 to get started.

The Original Car Shipping Quote Calculator

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant car shipping quote calculator in 2004. It is still the best, most sophisticated, reliable tool available anywhere online. We offer three options that we call tiers of car shipping estimates. The standard rate is the cheapest car shipping quote, but it may take longer. Use it if you are patient. We recommend the expedited car shipping rate and have countless satisfied customers because the shipping process tends to go quicker. The rush rate is our highest level of car shipping service, and many customers are glad they went with that method.

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