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How Open Auto Transport Really Works

Open Auto Transport

Open auto transport services are by far the most common type of transport services for vehicles in the industry today. Roughly 95% of all auto transport trucks on the road today are of the open variety; they are the easiest type of carrier to find and they are usually the cheapest form of auto transportation around. Open auto transport carriers can haul up to ten cars at a single time; there are some that can haul a maximum of three, some can do five, but on the whole open carriers that run nationwide routes haul ten vehicles at a time. Smaller open carriers that can handle fewer vehicles will typically run more local or regional routes as opposed to cross-country, as it is more cost-effective for them to service a smaller area.

If you’re transporting a vehicle that you drive every day we recommend that you book your shipment with an open car transport carrier. They are the cheapest and easiest auto transport services to find today. There are other types of services available – enclosed and flatbed auto transport trucks are also available – but none will get your vehicle moved faster or for cheaper than open auto transport. Part of the reason why is that there are literally thousands of open carriers on the road, running routes that go anywhere and everywhere.

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