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Dream Car

What Your Dream Car Says About You

They say that your car is a projection of your personality. If you’re not really a car person, then you probably disagree with this. Those people can stop reading here. If you are a car person, you know just how much your ride says about who you are. You may even have some wisdom on what other people’s cars say about them. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to read this guide from start to finish.

Maybe you’re driving a beater at this point in your life. Maybe you don’t even have a car yet and you’re still taking the bus or riding your bike everywhere. Maybe you have a garage full of the best cars that money can buy. Whatever your situation is, there is one thing that holds true for every auto fan: we all have a dream car. Like the very real cars we drive each and every day, our dream cars say a lot about us. In this guide, our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport breaks down some of the most popular dream cars to shed a light on what they say about the people who love them most.

The Ford F450

If there’s one thing that American companies make well, it’s pickup trucks. Trucks are about as American as steaks — and the Ford F-series is about as big, American, and satisfying as a juicy two-pound T-bone. For many truck owners, the mantra is “the bigger the better.” Another mantra that’s little less well-known but rings just as true is “why do with four wheels what you can accomplish with six?” That’s a rhetorical question, and it’s a vote for six wheels wherever possible. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: we’re talking about duel back wheels and the one-and-only Ford F450. Incomplete without some in-your-face mud flaps, the Ford F450 is a big-ticket dream car for a certain type of person. Do you crave a big truck? Do you care about power and bravado much more than fuel economy and top speed? Would you rather be out in the country gunning your truck through the mud listening to your favorite tunes than be stuck in city traffic? If you answered yes, your dream car may just be a Ford F450.

High-End German Cars

You probably have heard the Volkswagen slogan asserting that German Engineering is the best in the world. Many high-end car buyers would tend to agree with that, though most are going a few clicks above VW for their German-engineered dream cars. The big four high-end German companies are Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, and Porsche. If any one of these four makes your dream car, you likely appreciate going faster than speed limits allow. You’d cut off your big toe just to drive your German-engineered car on the Audubon just once. No speed limits, no problem. Even in your dreams, you might not make it to the Audubon with your baby, so driving your German machine here in America may have to suffice. Hey, at least you can get a nice driving scarf to go along with your white Porsche 911 convertible.

The Dodge Charger

Speaking of speed: going fast is what most dream cars are all about. Catching people who are going fast is what Dodge Chargers are all about. A few years back, most police forces around the country switched from the old reliable Crown Vic to the Supercharged HEMI engine and the impressive body of the Dodge Charger. The Crown Vic just couldn’t keep up with the speeds of the new top-of-the line cars. The Dodge Charger can. If the Dodge Charger is your dream car, it likely says one of two things about you. It might say that if your life had panned out slightly differently in your late teens or early 20’s, you would have found yourself working on a police. You believe in law and order, the nobility of being a justice of the peace, and you seek to emulate that attitude in your choice of a dream car. Or, having a Dodge Charger as your dream car might mean the exact opposite for you. You’re a rebel, and you’re fighting fire with fire. Police use the Dodge Charger to chase down speedsters, and you’ve decided to use a Dodge Charger because you are a speedster.

Aston Martin DB5

While James Bond has driven 27 different cars over the years, the one that he’s driven the most — the one that’s the most quintessentially Bond — is the Aston Martin. Of the 7 different Aston Martins driven by 007, none are as iconic as the Aston Martin DB5. If the DB5 is your dream car, then you probably already knew this about James Bond. Your Aston Martin DB5 says that you like your cocktails shaken not stirred, you’re a bit of a romantic, and that you prioritize maneuverability in your most-prized automobiles. You have exquisite taste, and you show it in many ways beyond the steering wheel. Like Mr. Bond himself, you strive to be a man (or woman) of many talents, and many mysteries.

Alpha Romeo or Ferrari

If your dream car is either an Alfa Romeo or a Ferrari, then you definitely know what the Mille Milegri is, and you definitely know which two car companies dominated the competition in the historic 20-year time period between 1927 and 1957. The Mille Milegri (“Thousand Miles” in English) was the most brutal, badass, famous open road race of its time. To this day, it still holds up as one of the most legendary racing events. The best drivers whipped around the Italian mountain roadways at excessive speeds, collecting G-forces like they collected speeding tickets in their day-to-day lives. If your dream car is an older Alfa Romeo or Ferrari, you love whipping around tight curves, and up and down mountain passes, just like those racers of yesteryear. You miss the good old days of epic racing before Formula 1 and long before NASCAR, and you want to get back to the simple beauty of a true cross-country race. For now, a joyride and maybe just a dream will do.

Ship Your Dream Car With Direct Express Auto Transport

If you are one of the lucky ones and you already have your dream car, you want to do everything in your power to keep it running for as long as you can. So whether you have one big cross country move coming up, or you vacation regularly down in in the Florida Keys and want your car down on holiday with you, you will need a safe and secure way to get your ride from Point A to Point B. To keep your dream car in great condition, there is no better way to transport it than car shipping. If you’re shipping your pride and joy, you are going to want to ship with a company that you can trust.

For the nation’s finest car shipping, look no further than our expert team at Direct Express Auto Transport. We have excellent service, efficient shipping times, and an unwavering commitment to vehicle safety. We are the best choice for shipping any dream car. Don’t take our word for it — trust our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and our 94% 5-star ratings on Trustpilot. We have many options for enclosed transportation for expensive vehicles as well as both expedited and rush shipping options if you need your dream car transported fast. Just plug in your desired shipping details into our Original Auto Transport Quote Calculator and you’ll have your quote for shipping your dream car in seconds. Ship the world’s best car with the world’s best car transportation service. Ship with our team here at Direct Express Auto Transport.

Didn’t see your dream car on this list? Maybe you’re a Lamborghini lover or a Maserati loyalist. Perhaps you’re on team Tesla or just on a Rolls Royce roll. Contact our team to let us know all about your dream car and learn how we can ship it (and any other vehicle in your garage) across North America.

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