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What to Know About Shipping an SUV

Considerations When Shipping an SUV

SSUV Transport Servicesport utility vehicles are great for a lot of different people. Some people need the extra cargo space that they offer, while others want the additional towing capabilities without going with a pickup truck. Still others use them to haul around a lot of passengers, and many SUV’s come with up to eight seats to maximize the number of people you can fit. But regardless of what you use it for, if you need to ship it you need to understand some things. For one, they’re more expensive than a standard car to ship – this is because they’re typically bigger, which means heavier, and they’re usually taller as well. Dimensions make a difference, but most important with an SUV is weight, and many SUV’s are much heavier than a small sedan.

The reason why weight is a factor is because the more weight is on the back of an auto transport truck, the worse their fuel economy is. As most of you know, fuel economy is important, especially when diesel prices are topping $4.00 per gallon in many parts of the U.S. Most SUV’s will only come with a small price increase over a regular car, though larger SUV’s like the Hummer H2 will go for a bit more than even a mid-size SUV. These price hikes come with the vehicle and are usually unavoidable, so make sure you plan your budget accordingly, and also make sure not to misrepresent your SUV and say it’s smaller than it is, as that can end up costing you a carrier if they don’t have the ability to ship something that large.

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