Car Shipping from Virginia Beach

Across Virginia Beach, Virginia, from Alanton to Chick’s Beach, drivers are asking themselves a tricky question – how do I get a car from here to elsewhere without driving it myself? It sounds like a riddle at first, but it’s a real conundrum for some drivers – and for good reasons.

Having a car at your disposal is great. However, getting a car from one location to another isn’t always great, especially when hundreds or thousands of miles separates those two points. You have to spend hours or sometimes days behind the wheel, pay for gas, meals, and lodging along the way, plus put a lot of wear and tear on your car. Driving yourself is the most logical option – but it’s not always the ideal option.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Namely, car shipping from Virginia Beach to anywhere else in the lower 48 states. When you ship your car, truck, van, SUV, or classic auto from a neighborhood like Bay Colony or Birdneck Point (or anywhere else in or around Virginia Beach), you leave the driving up to someone else. In the process, your vehicle gets where it needs to go and arrives when it needs to be there while you spend your time doing something else besides driving.

Consider car transport from Virginia Beach if you’re moving across country, taking an extended vacation somewhere, sending a vehicle to a college student, or selling your ride. In all these instances (and more), shipping looks more attractive than driving.

Arranging Auto Transport to Virginia Beach

Maybe you want to ship your car from Asheville Park (to name just one example) all the way to the West Coast. Or perhaps you need to do the opposite: transport a car to Virginia Beach from another city or state. Either way, the process for arranging auto transport is easy thanks to Direct Express Auto Transport.

More than a decade ago, we created the very first online car shipping quote calculator. Before this innovation, people had to call up individual auto transporters, inquire about rates and availability, and carefully compile the information to find the best option. It wasn’t easy, which is why more people didn’t take advantage of car shipping to Virginia Beach or the reverse.

Our calculator does all the leg work for you. Simply enter the pickup/dropoff location and the make/model of the vehicle. Then specify whether the vehicle runs and whether you want open (most popular) or enclosed transport. One click later, and you receive quotes from multiple vehicle haulers headed to or from Virginia Beach. Each quote lists the full price for the shipment, along with the expected schedule – the sooner you want the vehicle to arrive, the more you will pay. We only work with the top vehicle haulers in the industry, so you know your vehicle is in good hands. Finally, pick whatever option fits into your schedule and budget.

Direct Express Auto Transport – Car Shipping Experts

Before or after you request your quote for auto transport to or from Virginia Beach, take some time to explore our blog. It’s full of valuable information to make the shipping process even easier and more transparent. You can also bring all your questions to us directly – please contact us at any time!

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