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Fast Car ShippingThe term “fast car shipping” is somewhat of a misnomer, as what people expect fast car shipping services to be and what they actually are are usually two completely different things. Customers looking for fast car shipping want their vehicles to move hundreds of miles in a matter of hours or days – in other words, they have expectations that cannot possibly be fulfilled with the way the auto transportation industry works today.

The reason why this is is because auto transport carriers can only travel so fast and so far in a given day. Customers expecting their vehicles to get from one end of the country to the other will most likely be sorely disappointed when it takes ten days to get their car. This is because transit times are usually fairly static; carriers are regulated by two different federal agencies that monitor how much they drive, how fast they travel and even how much their trucks weigh, and they are monitored constantly.

This is why fast car shipping is considered a misnomer. What you really get with fast car shipping services is known as expedited pickup. With most auto transport orders, vehicles are picked up within 1-7 days of booking with the transport company. With fast car shipping, that window is shrunk down to 24-48 hours, which really helps when you’re in a bind and need to get your vehicle off your hands in a hurry. Expedited shipping is generally more expensive than standard transport pickup windows, as it takes more money to entice carriers to pick your vehicle up.

Fast car shipping does NOT mean that your vehicle will arrive any faster at the destination, and we can’t stress that enough. Please make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to organize, arrange and secure your auto transportation prior to booking with a company. You should aim at booking your transport a week before the day you want your vehicle picked up, as most companies will be able to accommodate such a request. You will also want to know about how long the transport of your vehicle will take. There is a simple way to do this: carriers travel anywhere from 350-450 miles per day. Look at how far your transport is in total mileage and then divide by 350. The answer will be how many days it will take a carrier to move your vehicle. While it is not perfect – there are lots of things that can affect transit time – it will give you a good idea of about what the transit time will be.

If you’re interested in transporting your vehicle fast, you can fill out our free online car shipping quote form and get an instant auto transport quote. You can book your auto transport order right there online or you can call our toll-free telephone number at 800-600-3750 to speak to one of our live auto shipping service representatives who can answer your questions and explain more about the auto transportation process.