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Car Shipping From Boston to Chicago Made Easy

If you plan to ship your car from Boston to Chicago, there is more to it than meets the eye. Direct Express Auto Transport has been shipping cars for over 20 years across the country with extraordinary success. We know what we are doing and will share our experience car shipping from Boston to Chicago in this blog article. 

Our auto transport services are an excellent solution for safely, quickly, and conveniently shipping your car from Boston to Chicago. You want to get the best deal possible without compromising quality and reliability. We get that. That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll provide expert advice on what it takes to transport your vehicle. 

We will examine the car shipping cost from Boston to Chicago, customer service, preparing your car, insurance coverage, and delivery time. Whether you’re moving for a job, are a college student, bought a car online, are a snowbird auto shipper, or have other reasons to transport your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. So, let’s hit the road and figure out how best to get your car shipped as soon as possible from Boston to Chicago. 

What Affects The Direct Express Auto Transport Cost Calculator from Boston to Chicago

Several factors can affect the cost of auto transport from Boston to Chicago. 

Distance From Boston to Chicago

Distance is the primary factor for our car shipping cost calculator. While the cost per mile inches downward as the distance increases, the overall cost goes up never-the-less the farther we need to transport your vehicle. That makes plenty of sense. The car shipping route from Boston to Chicago is 750 miles, which puts it in the short-run category. 

The Size of the Vehicle Being Shipped

The next most important factor is the vehicle size you are shipping. An auto transport carrier is usually a 3-car, 5-car, 7-car, or 10-car hauler. We mean by “cars” sedans, like a Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Ford Mustang. Those are cars, folks. If a vehicle is significantly longer, higher, or heavier, it may mean that the car transport carrier can fit or haul fewer cars. Whichever vehicle causes any of those things intrudes on the total number to be carried, and therefore should compensate the auto shipping company. So, what makes a vehicle longer, higher, or heavier?

Length of the Vehicle Matters

The average sedan is 180 to 198 inches long and fits perfectly on most auto transport carriers. Every auto shipping load is a mathematical puzzle; once a vehicle is 200 inches or longer, it becomes more challenging to ship. The transporter might lose a spot by taking that longer vehicle at a certain point, which can vary with each amalgamated load. We often see that with vehicles over 215 inches. Think Lincoln Continental or Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. So vehicles over 200 inches long tend to incrementally cost more to transport, anywhere from 10% to as much as nearly double, depending on how much longer it is. 

Height of the Vehicle

People forget about height, but it’s vital to an auto transport company. Think of the highway bridges that all trucks must get under. Those overpass bridges are about 13.6 feet high. Once a vehicle is about 75 inches tall, it becomes a concern for the car shipping service. When a vehicle is 80 inches or higher, it is a problem because most auto transporters lose a spot on their rig. That vehicle, or its owner, should pay more for the intrusion. Think Chevy Suburban. 

Weight of the Vehicle

Every truck driver must abide by the overall weight restrictions to pass inspection on the highway scales, including auto transport companies. In the simplest terms, in round numbers, here are the average weights per type of vehicle:

Sedans = 4,000 lbs average

SUVs = 5,000 lbs average

Pickup Trucks = 6,000 lbs average

Vans = 4,500 lbs average

There are wide variations for each. As you can see, keeping in mind the weight scales, an auto transport carrier who aims to keep the overall weight of his amalgamated vehicles at less than 45,000 lbs would take out his calculator and figure something like this:

Auto Transport Amalgamated Load Examples:

11 Sedans = 44,000 lbs

10 Vans = 45,000 lbs

9 SUVs = 45,000 lbs

7 Pickup Trucks = 42,000 lbs

10 Sedans + 1 SUV = 45,000 lbs

9 Sedans + 1 Pickup Truck = 42,000 lbs

8 Sedans + 1 SUV + 1 Pickup Truck = 43,000 lbs

7 Sedans + 1 SUV + 1 Pickup Truck + 1 Van = 43,500 lbs

6 Sedans + 3 SUVs + 1 Pickup Truck = 45,000 lbs

5 Sedans + 2 SUVs + 2 Pickup Trucks = 42,000 lbs

4 Sedans + 3 SUVs + 2 Pickup Trucks = 43,000 lbs

4 Sedans + 2 SUVs + 3 Pickup Trucks = 44,000 lbs

4 Sedans + 2 SUVs + 2 Pickup Trucks + 1 Van = 42,500 lbs

3 Sedans + 3 SUVs + 2 Pickup Trucks + 1 Van = 43,500 lbs

3 Sedans + 3 SUVs + 3 Pickup Trucks = 45,000 lbs

As you can see, there are many combinations for the auto transport dispatch team to consider. The truck driver cannot haul as many SUVs, pickup trucks, or vans as he can sedans. So those heavier vehicles must be priced differently, as in more. 

That also explains why carriers are concerned about customers packing their vehicles with extra personal items. They are rightfully worried about overall weight and getting through the highway scales without penalty or problems. 

Seasonal Fluctuations

The time of year and the direction you are shipping your car affects the price. It has everything to do with Supply & Demand. In other words, Economics 101. Using Florida as an example, in late December or early January of any year, there may be ten times as many cars shipping to Florida than leaving. That tends to drive up the price to Florida, usually about 33%, and drive down the cost of car shipping from Florida, again about 33%. 

That scenario reverses every April and May as the so-called snowbirds return home. 

Open-Air or Enclosed Auto Transport Service

There are two choices every car shipping customer needs to make regarding the type of transport carrier they prefer. Each has pros and cons, and the cost is a significant consideration. 

Open-Air transport is open or exposed to the elements, including dirt, debris, and weather. About 97% of all vehicle shipments are open-air. Why? Because it is roughly 33% cheaper auto transport than enclosed.

Enclosed transport, on the other hand, offers more protection for your car and involves transporting it in an enclosed trailer. Because fewer vehicles can fit inside an enclosed trailer, it tends to be more expensive. If you have a very expensive car, consider it insurance. People with antique or classic collector cars also should strongly consider shipping enclosed. 

Low-ground clearance vehicles that are 4.5″ inches or lower should go enclosed too. Why? Because enclosed transport carriers can load those vehicles without scratching or damaging the vehicle’s undercarriage. 

Auto Transport Service from Boston to Chicago

The distance between Boston and Chicago is approximately 750 miles, a very long and arduous drive. I don’t know about you, but I get stiff sitting in one spot for that long. Driving from Boston to Chicago would take about 12 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions. Count me out. It is time-consuming, stressful, expensive, and more. 

It makes sense to safely and securely ship a car from Boston to Chicago. 

What Is Going On In Boston? 

Boston, sometimes called Beantown, is one of the most historic and culturally-rich cities in the United States. Boston has something for everyone, whether you’re a history buff, restaurant lover, or outdoor enthusiast. 

  1. Fenway Park – Red Sox
  2. Freedom Trail
  3. Boston Tea Party Ships
  4. North End
  5. Boston Public Garden
  6. John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum
  7. Boston Public Library
  8. Museum of Fine Arts
  9. Samuel Adams Brewery
  10. Boston Common
  11. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  12. Old North Church
  13. Beacon Hill
  14. Faneuil Hall
  15. Bunker Hill Monument
  16. Walden Pond
  17. Harvard Square
  18. TD Garden – Bruins & Celtics
  19. Back Bay
  20. Quincy Market

So much to do and see in Boston. The above list only scratches the surface.

What About Chicago? 

  1. Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs
  2. Millennium Park
  3. The Magnificent Mile
  4. Skydeck Chicago Willis Tower
  5. Chicago Cultural Center
  6. Art Institute of Chicago
  7. Grant Park
  8. Museum of Science & Industry
  9. Field Museum
  10. Chicago Observation Deck
  11. Lincoln Park Zoo
  12. Driehaus Museum
  13. Chicago Riverwalk
  14. Chicago Skyline
  15. United Center – the Bulls
  16. Lincoln Park Zoo
  17. Navy Pier
  18. The Loop
  19. Holy Name Cathedral
  20. Lookingglass Theatre Company

We could go on. Chicago is the capital of the Midwest. 

What is the best route for car shipping from Boston to Chicago? 

The best route for a car shipping company from Boston to Chicago is via the I-90W highway. That route is not only the most popular but also the most efficient and time-saving. The I-90W highway stretches across several states, including Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. 

Starting from Boston, the car shipping company should head west towards New York City via the I-90W highway. Once in Buffalo, the car shipping company should continue heading west toward Cleveland, Ohio. This stretch is about 190 miles and should take approximately 3 hours. From Cleveland, they should continue heading west on the same highway towards Chicago, about 340 miles away. This stretch should take around 5 hours. The journey from Boston to Chicago via the I-90W highway should take about 17 hours, assuming no major delays or unforeseen circumstances exist. 

Comparing Direct Express Auto Transport Quotes from Boston to Chicago

When choosing an auto transport company, comparing quotes from different companies is essential. That will help you understand how much you can expect to pay for transportation and what services are included in the price. Direct Express Auto Transport uniquely offers three levels, or tiers, of pricing and service.

Standard Tier, or rate, is usually assigned to a carrier within several days from the first date available. And then typically picked up one or two days after being assigned. It is the most basic market rate; we suggest using it if you are not in a hurry. 

Expedite Tier, or rate, is usually assigned to a carrier within a few days from the first date available. And then typically picked up one or two days after being assigned. We highly recommend using the expedited rate as our customers report high satisfaction with it.

Rush Tier, or rate, is usually assigned to a carrier within one or two days from the first date available. And then typically picked up one or two days after being assigned. It is ideal for last-minute orders, or for people who are in a huge hurry. 

Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle for Car Shipping from Boston to Chicago

Before transporting your vehicle, there are several things you can do to prepare it for transport:

  1. Be sure to clean your vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out. That will help you identify any pre-existing damage and ensure your vehicle is in good condition before transport.
  2. Be sure to remove any personal items from your vehicle, as most auto transport companies do not allow personal items to be transported. They are cognizant of the weight. 
  3. Disable any alarms or anti-theft devices and remove external accessories like bike racks or spoilers. Height is a concern to auto shippers. 
  4. Take plenty of photos documenting your vehicle’s condition before handing it over to the truck driver. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. Reduce your gas tank to about 1/4 full, or no more than half a tank. Once again, weight is the concern and gasoline is heavy.

Insurance Coverage for Auto Transport from Boston to Chicago

When transporting your vehicle, it’s essential to ensure it’s adequately insured. Most auto transport companies offer insurance coverage for your car during transport. However, the amount of coverage may vary from company to company. Maintaining your insurance on your vehicle is an excellent idea. 

The Original Car Shipping Quote Calculator

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant car shipping quote calculator in 2004. It is still the best, most sophisticated, reliable tool available anywhere online. We offer three options that we call tiers of car shipping estimates. The standard rate is the cheapest car shipping quote, but it may take longer. Use it if you are patient. The expedited car shipping rate is most recommended, and we have countless satisfied customers because the shipping process tends to go quicker. The rush rate is our highest level of car shipping service, and many customers are glad they went with that method.

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