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Breaking Down Car Shipping Expenses from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Shipping a car from Chicago to Washington, DC can be a daunting task. So the natural question arises – why choose an auto transport service? The answer is simple: time savings. It takes 11 hours of driving non-stop to cover the approximate 700 miles between these two cities. With a reliable auto transport service, this lengthy drive and its associated car shipping expenses from Chicago to Washington, D.C. will be eliminated, leaving you with more time and money to focus on other aspects of your move.

Rather than having to worry about potential wear and tear on your vehicle, an auto transport service can be the ideal solution. Driving long distances can take a toll on any car, leading to unnecessary repairs later on. However, choosing to ship your car with a trusted company guarantees that it will arrive in Washington, DC in perfect condition.

On top of everything else, there’s the convenience factor. When selecting a car shipping company, make sure they offer door-to-door service from your starting point in Chicago and ending destination in Washington, DC. This takes away any stress you might have about trying to coordinate drop-off and pick-up points yourself.

What is the best truck route from Chicago to Washington, DC for vehicle shipping services?

For those seeking to transport a vehicle from Chicago to Washington, DC, Interstate 65 is an ideal route. This roadway cuts south from Chicago and runs into Indianapolis before traversing east on Interstate 70 for a toll-free trip directly to DC. It is important to keep in mind, though, that changing times of year or traffic conditions can alter your chosen path – so take these factors into account when planning your move.

When you hire a car shipping company, they will provide you with a carefully planned delivery plan that states when the car is likely to arrive at its destination and when it will be picked up. It’s essential to note that these dates are estimates and may be changed due to external factors like foul weather or detours.

When obtaining a quote for auto transport, it is important to pay close attention to the fees and charges listed. This should include fuel, tolls, and insurance costs that could be associated with the shipping process. Carefully review the quote provided in order to make sure you comprehend all of its contents.

What Are The Largest Cities Along The Chicago to Washington, DC Route?

Venturing along Chicago to Washington, DC, three cities stand out for their size and offerings; Indianapolis, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. Taking a break to explore these destinations is highly recommended by any auto transport service due to each one providing its own captivating attractions and amenities.

From its renowned Indianapolis Motor Speedway to the thriving arts and restaurant scenes, Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana, has a lot to offer. Meanwhile, Columbus – the capital of Ohio – offers visitors an exciting downtown area filled with great shopping opportunities as well as top-notch universities. Finally, Pittsburgh located on the west side of Pennsylvania is where you’ll find numerous bridges and rivers amidst a past steeped heavily into history mixed with an emerging tech industry.

Major Businesses & Economy In The Chicago Area

Famed for its nickname, “Windy City”, the midwestern hub of commerce and industry that is known as ‘Chi-town’ serves as a major financial and transportation centre. Highly esteemed companies such as Boeing, McDonald’s and United Airlines are all based in the city limits.

Boasting of an array of different industries, no one single sector in the city of Chicargo employs more than 14% of the workforce. This economic variety makes it a strong and reliable economy for companies, making sure that there is always a high demand for transport services to and from the area.

Major Businesses & Economy In The Washington D.C. Area

WAs the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. is a major hub for economic activity in the United States. While the federal government employs many people within this metropolitan area, large Fortune 500 companies such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and Capital One Financial also call it their home.

When people think of Washington, D.C., they often conjure images of important government and corporate jobs; however, the nation’s capital is home to a thriving tourism sector as well. Thanks to its many renowned monuments and museums, millions of tourists travel to the area every year, which creates a steady need for car shipping services.

What Affects The Direct Express Auto Transport Cost Calculator from Chicago to Washington, DC

Several factors can affect the cost of auto transport from Chicago to Washington, DC. 

Distance From Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Distance is the primary factor for our car shipping cost calculator. While the cost per mile inches downward as the distance increases, the overall cost goes up never-the-less the farther we need to transport your vehicle. That makes plenty of sense. The vehicle shipping route from Chicago to Washington, DC is roughly 700 miles, which puts it in the short-run category. 

The Size of the Vehicle Being Shipped from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

The next most important factor is the vehicle size you are shipping. An auto transport carrier is usually a 3-car, 5-car, 7-car, or 10-car hauler. We mean by “cars” sedans, like a Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, or Ford Mustang. Those are cars, folks. If a vehicle is significantly longer, higher, or heavier, it may mean that the car transport carrier can fit or haul fewer cars. Whichever vehicle causes any of those things intrudes on the total number to be carried, and therefore should compensate the auto shipping company. So, what makes a vehicle considered longer, higher, or heavier?

Length of the Vehicle Matters

The average sedan is 180 to 198 inches long and fits perfectly on most auto transport carriers. Every auto shipping load is a mathematical puzzle; once a vehicle is 200 inches or longer, it becomes more challenging to ship. The transporter might lose a spot by taking that longer vehicle at a certain point, which can vary with each amalgamated load. We often see that with vehicles over 215 inches. Think Lincoln Continental or Jeep Gladiator Rubicon. So vehicles over 200 inches long tend to incrementally cost more to transport, anywhere from 10% to as much as nearly double, depending on how much longer it is. 

Height of the Vehicle

People forget about height, but it is vital to an auto transport company. Think of the highway bridges that all trucks must get under. Those overpass bridges are about 13.6 feet high. Once a vehicle is about 75 inches tall, it becomes a concern for the vehicle shipping service. When a vehicle is 80 inches or higher, it is a problem because most auto transporters lose a spot on their rig. That vehicle, or its owner, should pay more for the intrusion. Think Chevy Suburban. 

Weight of the Vehicles & Amalgamation

Every truck driver must abide by the overall weight restrictions to pass inspection on the highway scales, including auto transport companies. In the simplest terms, in round numbers, here are the average weights per type of vehicle:

Sedans = 4,000 lbs average / Can fit about 10 or 11

Vans = 4,500 lbs average / Can fit about 9 or 10

SUVs = 5,000 lbs average / Can fit about 8 or 9

Pickup Trucks = 6,000 lbs average / Can fit about 7 or 8

There are wide variations for each vehicle category. As you can see, keeping in mind the weight scales, an auto transport carrier who aims to keep the overall weight of his combined vehicles at less than 45,000 lbs, would take out his calculator and figure out how many Sedans, SUVs, Vans or Pick-up Trucks he can fit, and where on his trailer. The driver needs to be good at basic math, and have lots of common sense, which let’s be honest, is not so common. 

As you can imagine, there are many combinations for the auto transport dispatch team to consider. The truck driver cannot haul as many SUVs, Pick-up trucks, or Vans as he can Sedans. So those heavier vehicles must be priced differently, as in more. 

That also explains why carriers are concerned about customers packing their vehicles with extra personal items. They are rightfully worried about overall weight and getting through the highway scales without penalty or problems. 

Seasonal Fluctuations On Auto Transport Pricing

The time of year and the direction you are shipping your car affects the price. It has everything to do with Supply & Demand. In other words, Economics 101. Using Florida as an example, in late December or early January of any year, there may be ten times as many cars shipping to Florida than are leaving. That tends to drive up the price to Florida, usually about 33%, and drive down the cost of car shipping from Florida, again about 33%. 

That scenario reverses every April and May as the so-called “snowbirds” return home. 

Military Bases Near Chicago to Washington, D.C. For Car Shipping Services

As you make the trek from Chicago to Washington, D.C., many military bases can be found along the way. Two of them being Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana and Fort Meade in Maryland – both of which necessitate car shipping services due to the constant shuffling of personnel.

For those in the armed forces, finding an auto transport company that meets their needs can be daunting. When orders require a quick move or overseas shipment of a vehicle is necessary, speed and reliability are key considerations. Fortunately, there are car shipping companies that specialize in catering to these special circumstances with services such as expediting vehicles and handling international transport.

Where Are The Auto Auctions Near Chicago to Washington, D.C. For Car Shipping?

When traveling from Chicago to Washington, D.C., one will pass through several cities with auto auctions. Between Indianapolis, Columbus and Pittsburgh lie a plethora of opportunities for finding an incredible bargain on a car. However, such finds require the assistance of car shipping services in order to get the newly acquired vehicle home.

When it comes to collecting your new vehicle, an auto transport service can make life much more straightforward. Door-to-door delivery is available for both dealers who purchase cars in bulk and individual buyers searching for a great deal. This option removes the hassle of shipping cars, allowing you to collect your car with ease.

What Are The Major Sports Teams & Things To Do In Chicago to Washington, D.C.?

Sports fans in the United States have two cities to enjoy watching their favorite teams compete. For those who are near the city of Washington, D.C., there is an abundance of options to choose from; hockey at Capital One Arena with the Capitals, basketball at the Verizon Center with the Wizards, and baseball at Nationals Park where you can cheer on The Nationals.

Travelers have plenty to do in either Chicago or Washington D.C. In the Windy City, you can take a ride on Navy Pier, admire artwork at the Art Institute, and walk along Magnificent Mile. Meanwhile, visitors to our nation’s capital can explore the highlight of the National Mall, peruse various Smithsonian museums, and even tour The White House!

Comparing Median Income & Housing Prices: Chicago to Washington, D.C.

The job market and cost of living should be taken into account while assessing the median income and housing prices between Chicago and Washington, D.C. Data from the U.S. Census showed that households in Chicago have a median income of $55,198 while those in Washington, D.C., boast a much higher figure at $82,604.

In contrast to Chicago, Washington, D.C. has much higher housing prices. The median home value in the nation’s capital is $601,500 while it is only $225,200 in Chicago. Consequently, anyone who moves from Chicago to Washington will likely face a higher cost of living due to the elevated prices of property.

Auto Transport Company Reputation and Experience

Research the reputation and experience of the car shipping companies on your shortlist from Chicago to Washington, D.C.. Of course, the best car shipping company, hands down, is Direct Express Auto Transport. With over twenty years of experience and the absolute expert in car shipping cost calculations, you cannot do better than us because we originated the instant quote concept. 

You always want to look for reviews and ratings from previous customers on trusted websites like the Better Business Bureau, Google, or TrustPilot. Check if the company has complaints or legal issues and how they resolve them. There again, we shine as an auto transport service with thousands of five-star reviews across the board.  

Types of car shipping services from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Car shipping services offer several shipping options to meet different needs and budgets. 

Open-Air or Enclosed Auto Transport Service

Open-Air transport

There are really two main choices every car shipping customer needs to make regarding the type of transport carrier they prefer. Each has pros and cons, and the cost is a significant consideration. 

Open transport is the most popular and affordable type of vehicle shipping service. It involves loading your car onto an open-air carrier that can transport up to 10 cars at a time. Your car will be exposed to the elements and road debris during transit, but it is generally a safe way to ship. About 97% of all vehicle shipments are open-air. Why? Because it is roughly 33% cheaper for auto transport than enclosed.

You see car manufacturers delivering cars to dealerships on open-air carriers. Why? Because it is both cheap and safe. Damages are rare. Open-air transport is suitable for most types of cars, including sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Your vehicle will arrive dirty from the road, but that washes off easily. 

Enclosed transport

Enclosed transport, on the other hand, offers more protection for your car and involves transporting it in an enclosed trailer. Because fewer vehicles can fit inside an enclosed trailer, it tends to be more expensive. If you have an expensive car, consider it insurance. People with antique or classic collector cars also should strongly consider shipping enclosed. 

Low-ground clearance vehicles that are 4.5″ inches or lower should go enclosed too. Why? Because enclosed transport carriers can load those vehicles without scratching or damaging the vehicle’s undercarriage. 

Enclosed transport provides greater protection and security for your car during transit. It involves loading your car onto an enclosed carrier that can typically transport up to 6 cars at a time. Your car will be shielded from the elements and road debris, reducing the risk of damages or losses. 

Enclosed transport is ideal for luxury cars, classic cars, and high-value vehicles that require extra care and attention. If your vehicle is worth close to $100k or more, come on, protect it by going Enclosed. Think of it as added insurance. 

Door-to-Door or Terminal-to-Terminal Car Transport Service

There are two main types of delivery in the auto transport industry, and those are door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal. The overwhelming majority of customers choose door-to-door delivery.

Door-to-door delivery

Door-to-door delivery is the most convenient and hassle-free option that involves picking up your car from close to your door and delivering it close to your destination address. The vehicle shipping company will coordinate with you to schedule the pickup and delivery times and ensure your car is safely loaded in Chicago and unloaded in Washington, D.C.. 

Door-to-door delivery usually means that an auto transport carrier will meet you within a couple miles of addresses. That’s very good and convenient. It is in the spirit of door-to-door car shipping. We highly recommend door-to-door auto transport service from Chicago to Washington, D.C.. 

Terminal-to-terminal delivery

Terminal-to-terminal delivery is a budget-friendly option that involves dropping off your car at a designated terminal and picking it up at the terminal near your new address. It is frankly a pain for most people. Terminal-to-terminal delivery is less convenient than door-to-door delivery but can save you money. However, it is out of your control once your vehicle is placed at a terminal. It can take many weeks to deliver your car. Many of our customers get frustrated with terminals. We say avoid terminals if at all possible. 

Tips for Preparing Your Vehicle for Car Shipping from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

Before transporting your vehicle, there are several things you can do to prepare it for transport:

1. Be sure to clean your vehicle thoroughly, both inside and out. That will help you identify any pre-existing damage and ensure your vehicle is in good condition before transport.

2. Be sure to remove any personal items from your vehicle, as most auto transport companies do not allow personal items to be transported. They are mindful of the weight. 

3. Disable any alarms or anti-theft devices and remove external accessories like bike racks or spoilers. Height is a concern to auto shippers. 

4. Take plenty of photos documenting your vehicle’s condition before handing it over to the truck driver. A picture is worth a thousand words.

5. Reduce your gas tank to about 1/4 full, or no more than half a tank. Once again, weight is the concern, and gasoline is heavy.

6. Secure loose parts and accessories, such as antennas, spoilers, and mirrors, or remove them if possible.

7. Check the tires, brakes, and battery and ensure they are in good condition.

Insurance Coverage for Auto Transport from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

When transporting your vehicle, ensuring it is adequately insured is essential. Most auto transport companies offer insurance coverage for your car during transport. However, the amount of coverage may vary from company to company. Maintaining your insurance on your vehicle is an excellent idea. 

Comparing Direct Express Auto Transport Quotes from Chicago to Washington, D.C.

When choosing an auto transport company from Chicago to Washington, D.C., comparing quotes from different companies is essential. That will help you understand how much you can expect to pay for transportation and what services are included in the price. Direct Express Auto Transport uniquely offers three levels, or tiers, of pricing and service.

Standard Tier, or rate, is usually assigned to a carrier within several days from the first date available. And then typically picked up one or two days after being assigned to a carrier. It is the most basic market rate; we suggest using it if you are not in a hurry. 

Expedited Tier, or rate, is usually assigned to a carrier within a few days from the first date available. And then typically picked up one or two days after being assigned to a carrier. We highly recommend using the expedited rate as our customers report high satisfaction with it.

Rush Tier, or rate, is usually assigned to a carrier within one or two days from the first date available. And then typically picked up one or two days after being assigned to a carrier. It is ideal for last-minute orders or for people who are in a huge hurry. 

The Original Car Shipping Quote Calculator

Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant car shipping quote calculator in 2004. It is still the best, most sophisticated, and reliable auto transport cost calculator available anywhere online. We are experts in vehicle shipping cost calculations anywhere in the USA, from Chicago to Washington, D.C. too!

Ultimately, when organizing your move from the Windy City to the nation’s capital, vehicle transportation services are key to get the job done efficiently and cost effectively. Offering door-to-door service and a dedication to client satisfaction, they can make relocating your automobile trouble free. Regardless of whether you’re moving for employment opportunities, higher education or military purposes, these companies will be there for you each step of the journey.

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