Which is Better for Me, Open or Enclosed Transport?

The answer to which carrier is better for your shipment, open or enclosed, is best answered this way: it all depends. Like so much of the auto transport industry today, much of which carrier you want transporting your vehicle depends on what you’re shipping. If you’re looking to transport a car that you drive every day, or a car that you bought a few years back and it has some miles and you drive to work in it or take the kids to school in it, chances are open is what you’re looking for. Open transport is the standard method of shipping, and while it does expose vehicles on it to the elements it’s no more than what they are exposed to every day while they are being driven.

There are, however, vehicles that you simply don’t drive every day, ones that sit in your garage and look great until you want to break it out for a drive down the coast in pristine conditions. These are your classics, your rare automobiles, your Lamborghini or your Bentley or your Rolls-Royce. This is the car that you want to make sure nothing ever happens to because it’s just that valuable, both sentimentally and monetarily. Enclosed transportation services completely enclose the vehicles they ship in a protective container, where they are secured away from all those road hazards.

So when it comes to answering which carrier is best for you, ask yourself: what do you prefer?

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