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What to Know About Auto Transport to Detroit

Detroit is a city that was once elegant, grand and huge; in 1950 the city was one of the largest in the United States. Unfortunately, during the 1970’s and 1980’s deindustrialization and white flight contributed to much of the city’s decline, and today Detroit is much a shadow of its former self. There is still much to see and plenty of grandeur surrounding Detroit, but it has been mired in decay for years and the city has been slow to make improvements. Recent renovations in the city’s historic downtown areas has sparked new life into the city, but it is little when compared to the many abandoned buildings that still haunt many neighborhoods of Detroit.

When transporting a vehicle to Detroit it is usually cheapest to ship during the summer months, as during the winter months transporters don’t like running routes into the far northern states due to increased winter weather, including snow and ice, which are more difficult and dangerous for such large trucks to travel along. Summer transport services are generally more expensive overall during the summer, but there are usually good deals for shipping to or from the northern states considering the weather is nicer and more people are moving vehicles along different routes. This changes in the winter months and some carriers cease to run northern routes at all. WE recommend speaking to one of our helpful auto transport representatives if you are interested in transporting your vehicle to or from the city of Detroit.

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