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Car Hauler Videos

Are you looking for good information about auto shipping? Expect to get all your questions answered with these car hauler videos created by the team at Direct Express Auto Transport.

As the industry’s highest-rated car shipping broker, there’s no better source for good information along with tips and tricks than us. There’s also no better format for exploring this subject than car hauler videos. Expect to come away with a clear understanding of how auto transport works – and why it’s such a compelling option for so many drivers.

Each of the auto transport videos on this page covers a subject that’s important to know or that we receive a lot of questions about. Our goal is to take away any uncertainty about auto transport so that you can arrange a shipment with confidence (and convenience).

Scheduling a Shipment

Get multiple quotes from vehicle haulers willing to take your shipment. Our car shipping quote calculator makes it easy. Enter your make/model, pickup and drop off locations, whether the car runs, and whether you want an open-air or enclosed trailer. Based on that information, you receive quotes from highly-qualified vehicle haulers who are eager and able to handle your shipment. The hardest part of auto transport is finding a vehicle hauler you can trust who’s willing to work with you too. We make that part easy. Connect with multiple qualified haulers in an instant.

Pricing Based on Budget

How much you pay for car shipping depends on the size and weight of your vehicle, how far you want to ship it, and several other factors. You have control of the price, to a certain extent, because you can choose to pay more for faster shipping, or less for slightly slower shipping. We arranged it this way so that everyone we work with could find options that fit their budget and schedule. If you’re wondering how much auto transport would cost, use our car shipping quote calculator to get no-obligation quotes in seconds.

Pickup and Drop off

If you’re new to auto shipping, you’re probably wondering how pickup and drop off works. You will arrange a place and time to meet with your vehicle hauler – probably somewhere close to your location or a major highway where there’s enough space for a large vehicle trailer. The vehicle hauler will take possession of the vehicle and drive it onto the trailer. From there, it’s the haulers responsibility (and liability) to get your car, truck, or exotic auto safely to its destination. When will it arrive? Vehicle haulers travel about 500 miles a day. Estimate the number of days based on the distance to the destination, then add 2 more days for other deliveries along the way. Someone will need to sign for your vehicle when it reaches the destination, whether you or someone else you authorize.

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