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Shipping Your Acura

Vehicle Shipping The Acura What we like to do here is show you the customer how easy or difficult it is to ship your Acura. We give you a very good sense on this page whether your Acura is cause for concern. Of course, there are still many other factors to take into consideration, such as the geographic location of either your origination or destination. Having your Acura shipping to or from a high population center really helps. Being remote does not. Seasonal fluctuations and weather also play a major role in determining how quickly your Acura will get shipped.

But for our purpose on this page, here is our assessment of shipping the Acura models. By and large the Acura vehicles have a high track record of success in car shipping. The auto transport carriers like them as a group and they consistently rank as one of our lowest cancellation rates. If you choose our Expedited rate for just $75 more than Standard, you are most likely going to be very pleased.

Vehicle Shipping Your Acura

  1. CL 2.2 Coupe … no issues
  2. CL 2.3 Coupe … no issues
  3. CL 3.2 Coupe … no issues
  4. ILX Sedan … no issues
  5. Integra Sedan … no issues
  6. Legend Sedan … no issues
  7. MDX SUV … bigger than a sedan, we added a little extra for the carrier which usually works
  8. NSX Sportcar … no issues
  9. RDX SUV … it’s a small SUV and there’s generally no issue
  10. RL Sedan … no issues
  11. RLX Sedan … no issues
  12. RSX Sportcar … no issues
  13. TL Sedan … no issues
  14. TLX Sedan … no issues
  15. TSX Sedan … no issues
  16. ZDX Sports Coupe … no issues

You can book your Acura for shipping right here on this quote page or call us during normal business hours at 800-600-3750. Remember, Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant car shipping quote calculator years before any others tried to copy us. Our auto shipping quote calculator is the most sophisticated and best available anywhere! We are rated 5 stars by Google+, Facebook, TrustPilot and the BBB with several hundred positive reviews.