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Direct Express Auto Transport informs about the top vehicle manufacturers and how easy or difficult it may be to ship their cars, SUV’s, Mini-Vans or Pick-up Trucks. Please see the full list of vehicle manufacturers below.


Vehicle Length Is A Major Car Shipping Factor

Some vehicle manufacturers are easier to ship than others. The smaller the vehicle, the easier it is to ship. Typically, sedans fit better on an auto transport carrier than a sport utility vehicle (SUV), which for the most part is preferable to a mini-van or regular van, which tends to be easier than most pick-up trucks. See thee hierarchy? Size does matter.

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When a vehicle is 200 inches or more in length, it starts to really encroach on a second spot on the carrier. A car transporter can squeeze a longer vehicle such as for instance a Ford Crown Victoria at 212 inches in length, if he can find something smaller like for example a Honda Civic at 177 inches. Those two together average about 194 inches, which would be like two Toyota Camry’s. The carrier needs a longer vehicle to compensate financially for taking up too much space and blocking the addition of an average vehicle. The longer the vehicle, the bigger the problem it presents for the auto transporter. See how an auto shipping carrier thinks? Direct Express Auto Transport pioneered the instant car shipping quote calculator and does a spectacular job of adjusting for vehicle length.


Vehicle Weight Adds Significant Cost To Any Auto Transporter

Let us suppose a car carrier has ten vehicles (regular sedans) at an average weight of 3,500 lbs.. That means he is hauling a total of 35,000 lbs.. Let us now suppose those ten vehicles average 5,000 lbs. (like Pick-Up trucks). That’s 50,000 lbs. total or a 42% increase in weight. Now his truck engine has to work 42% harder and he’s going to incur higher fuel costs as a result. He needs to charge more for shipping those vehicles. He also has to worry about getting through the weight scales. The number of truck axles dictates his weight. Most car carriers cannot handle 50,000 lbs. in freight or don’t want to even if they can. It’s expensive to ship. He doesn’t make up the rules, he just lives by them. When putting together a load of vehicles, every driver must have an eye on the weight scale. That’s also another reason why customers should not pack their cars with personal items. It throws off a driver’s weight calculations. Direct Express Auto Transport’s vehicle shipping quote calculator automatically adjusts for vehicle weight in our pricing.


About Vehicle Height & Ground Clearance

Just as vehicle length can inhibit or enable what other cars can fit on the carrier, the same is true for height. Typically, a carrier has 13 feet six inches room to get under most highway bridges. He uses the carrier hydraulics to move the top tier up or down. If a vehicle is extra tall, it forces him to match with one extra short. But short vehicles usually don’t pay as well, so the taller vehicle must compensate for it. Do you see how putting together a load is like a puzzle piece? Height matters.

Ground clearance is also a consideration. Anything over 5 inches clearance is generally safe and fine. Anything under 4 inches clearance becomes problematic. Some Open Transport carriers can safely handle low ground clearance and many cannot. The smart thing to do is ship vehicles lower than 4 inches in Enclosed Transport. Vehicles between 4 and 5 inch ground clearance cause some head scratching. It is that grey area which vexes transporters. Rule of thumb there? Expensive vehicles become risky to the carrier and should probably go Enclosed. Cheaper vehicles can perhaps take the risk.


Vehicle MSRP Matters In Auto Transport

Less expensive vehicles are more desirable than luxury cars to ship. That’s because vehicle transporters also consider the liability. Nobody wants to scratch or dent any vehicle, but especially a luxury car. That can be expensive to fix. A Honda Accord and Maserati GranTurismo have about the same 192 inches in length, but the latter costs nearly $100,000 more. Which do you think an auto transporter is more comfortable shipping? Obviously, the Accord is more likely to ship quicker than the GranTurismo. So the luxury vehicle often has a higher quote to ship so as to coax a carrier into doing it. Makes sense, right? Direct Express Auto Transport originated the instant auto shipping quote calculator in 2004 and factors luxury cost into the quote, making it easier to ship.


Top Vehicle Manufacturers List

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