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Vehicle Shipping to New York State

Vehicle Shipping New York StateWhen transporting a vehicle to New York State you want to be specific as to where you are transporting your vehicle to. It’s a big state – perhaps not the largest in the Union, sure, but it’s a large state with several different sections or regions that you need to be aware of. For instance, New York City is one of the easiest areas to ship to or from because of its size, but it sits in southeastern New York and can be more expensive than other areas of the state to ship to given how difficult it is for most carriers to get around. Then you have upstate New York, accessible only by one interstate and several state routes. Upstate offers fewer areas for carriers to pick up loads, as the region is less populated, which can raise prices into or out of the region.

Then you have the western parts of New York, particularly the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse line that sits just south of Lake Erie, a bit away from its banks. These cities are more popular because of their size and the ease for which carriers can get to or from them – they all sit right along I-90, a popular transport corridor in the region. However, during the winter months the inclement weather native to the region can make it nigh impossible for many carriers to run routes along I-90 as the snow gets too brutal. Make sure to talk to a representative about how to go about making your transport to the state of New York as easy as possible, and also make sure to visit the state’s official website for more information.

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