Volvo XC 70
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: XC 70
Volvo XC 70

The Volvo V70 is a mid-size station wagon. There have been two generations of the car with one taking place between 1998 and 2000 and the second taking place between 2000 and the present. Further, stylized 4×4 versions of the V70 have been sold as the XC trim line and as the XC70 model. The Volvo V70, which was formerly known as the 850 Wagon, received its new name in 1998. Its sedan counterpart was the S70. The XC70 remains one of the most expensive station wagons on the market today due to its $36,420 price tag. This can easily jump up to around $50,000 when equipped with the options and packages that are available to buyers. As with the sedan it was offered in all-wheel drive. Except for in the United States, the Volvo 850, which the V70 is based off, was launched worldwide as a 1992 model. The U.S. would not see the 850 until the 1993 model year. The off road vehicle of the V70 lineup is known as the XC70, which is essentially a V70 with a slight lift in ground clearance along with sturdy plastic in the front, on the sides, and in the back. The model also has a more distinct front end, and a more aggressive presence when compared to the base V70 model. The XC70 is part of a famous series. The Volvo 850, the predecessor to the V70, is notable as the first front-wheel drive vehicle from the Swedish manufacturer to be exported to North America. More so, at the time of its development, the 850 was taken to be one of the largest engineering endeavors in Sweden. As stated, the 850 was the first model in the U.S. to feature front-wheel drive, but also to have an all-aluminum 20-valve five-cylinder engine. The 850 paved the way for the V70 as Volvo's top-seller in the mid 1990s.

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