Volvo V70
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: V70
Volvo V70

The Volvo V70, which was formerly known as the 850 Wagon, received its new name in 1998. Its sedan counterpart was the S70. As with the sedan it was offered in all-wheel drive. Except for in the United States, the Volvo 850, which the V70 is based off, was launched worldwide as a 1992 model. The U.S. would not see the 850 until the 1993 model year. It was primarily sold as a sedan, but a wagon model went on sale in 1994. The Volvo 850 was a compact luxury car that could also be considered a compact executive car. The Volvo 850, the predecessor to the V70, is notable as the first front-wheel drive vehicle from the Swedish manufacturer to be exported to North America. More so, at the time of its development, the 850 was taken to be one of the largest engineering endeavors in Sweden. As stated, the 850 was the first model in the U.S. to feature front-wheel drive, but also to have an all-aluminum 20-valve five-cylinder engine. The 850 paved the way for the V70 as Volvo's top-seller in the mid 1990s. In markets outside of the United States a 10-valve version of the five-cylinder was also popular for its reduced cost and better fuel economy. All of the US model 850s came standard with equipment such as dual front airbags, antilock brakes, head restraints and three-point seat belts for all passengers. Also included were power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, cruise control and a dual zone climate control. Further, side torso airbags became a world first when they were launched as an option for the 1995 model. Some additional options during the model run included features such as traction control, a leather interior, power glass moon roof, power seats, heated seats, remote keyless entry, automatic climate control and an automatic transmission. Volvo did not miss a thing with the 850.

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