Volvo S70
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: S70
Volvo S70

The Volvo S70 and V70 is a mid-size luxury car produced by the Swedish automaker Volvo from 1997 to 2000. The S70 was the sedan version of the V70, which was the station wagon version. Both models nevertheless represented new styling and revised suspensions from the 1993 through 1997 Volvo 850. The S70 was supplanted later by the Volvo S60. The five body styles offered included the Base, the SE, the GL, the GLT and the T5. On the outside, the S70 has new headlights, a reshaped hood, and a rounder front end. On the interior, drivers now have dual front and side airbags. Further, for the 2000 model year, seat-mounted side airbags were upgraded to improve the protection to the head and chest in case of an accident. The Volvo's WHIPS system, which was designed to move the front seatbacks and headrests rearward in a rear-end collision, to minimize whiplash was now also included as standard. Also, the engine was now rated 261 hp. New electronic brake modulation helped optimize the performance in normal stopping. Not to mention, Volvo's traction-control system also now included throttle as well as brake intervention. In the long list of advances, the Engine immobilizer also became standard. Further, the dashboard airbags got new two-stage sensors that matched deployment force to road speed and seatbelt use. They also very intelligently automatically unlocked the doors after the bags triggered. Under the hood, the base engine was a 2.4-liter dual overhead cam straight-5 gasoline engine that pumped out a maximum output of 165 hp. The GLT model had a turbocharged version of that engine that increased the power to 190 hp. Lastly, the T5 had a more highly tuned 2.3-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with an output of 236 hp. But, all talk of Volvos must be ended with a safety feature, so these were also among the first cars in the United States to offer side airbags, which is an option that has extended to nearly all models today.

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