Volvo S60
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: S60
Volvo S60

Volvo S60 is a compact car manufactured by Volvo, which was first launched in 2000. It uses the Volvo P2 platform, which it also shared with the Volvo V70, the Volvo S80 and the Volvo XC90. This was in fact, one of the first curvy Volvos that was designed by Peter Horbury. The model did receive an upgrade in 2004. The S60 is currently offered in a variety of trim lines, from the 2.5T to the limited edition S60R. Further, a new S60 will be released for the 2009 or the 2010 model year. Initially, the S60 was introduced in 2001 with a top speed of 180mph. Additionally, the model boasted AWD mated to a 300hp and 295 lb/ft engine. In 2006, At Speed Motorsports entered an all wheel drive S60R in five races of the Speed World Challenge GT class. The car was driven by Michael Galati and finished 14th in the overall standings, while also winning one race.

Auto Transport Estimate For Volvo S60

In terms of the model’s performance, the S60 is the car of the Volvo team in the Swedish Touring Car Championship, where it has finished 2nd in the drivers’ championship twice and won the manufacturers’ title once. It should be noted that the Volvo S60 started out as the 850, but not before a three-year interim as the S70. The only downfall that has been noted with the model is the lack of legroom in the rear seat. Nevertheless, all Volvos have relentless safety standards making them highly sought after. In fact, for many years, the Volvo was one of the safest cars in the world. Many of the safety enhancing design elements were carried over from the Volvo VESC, including crumple zones and three-point seat belts. These features allowed the Volvo models to have the lowest driver death rate between 1990 and 1993. Further, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety listed the model as having 0.1 driver deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles during that time period.  Try getting an auto transport estimate for the Volvo S60 right here using our first of a kind auto transport price calculator.


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