Volvo GLT
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: GLT
Volvo GLT

The Volvo 440 is a small sedan manufactured by the Swedish automaker Volvo. It was built in DAF factories in the Netherlands, and was launched in Europe in 1987. The early cars were available in GL, GLE and GLT trims. The GL trim level was basic; GLE was the plush; and GLT was the luxury' trim level. In 1994, the range was totally changed to include a base, an S, an SE and a CD trim. This line-up continued until 1996, when the Volvo S40 and Volvo V40 replaced it. The GLT was a 5-door front wheel drive hatchback that used many parts from the already-successful Volvo 480. This included the platform, the front and rear suspension, the engines, the transmission and the braking systems. The Volvo 440 had a 1.7-litre Renault engine at its release that was carried over from the Volvo 300 Series. It was available in this form between 1988 and 1992. There was also a 1.7 turbocharged engine with intercooler available. Later, in 1992, the engines offered were substantially altered to include a 1.6i, a 1.8i and a 2.0i naturally aspired gasoline engine and 1.7 liter turbo. The 1.6 was equipped with multipoint-injection, and the 2.0 with both single point- and multipoint-injection and the 1.8 only with single point-injection. However, through all of the engine changes, the model remained extremely safe and reliable thus upholding the Volvo brand as a manufacturer of integrity. The most powerful gas engine was the turbocharged 1.7 liter engine, which delivered 120 horsepower. All of the gas engines were made by Renault. Some diesel versions were available such as a 1.9-litre Renault turbo diesel. This model was badged as either the TD or the Turbo Diesel, depending on which European market the car was sold in. Then in 1994, the engines got even slightly more powerful.

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