Volvo C70
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: C70
Volvo C70

The suave looking C70 was unveiled by Volvo for the 1998 model year. Its alluring presence it's sure to turn heads and radiate an undeniable impression of wealth and status, not to mention good taste. It was first available in both a coupe and convertible style, until 2003 when the coupe was discontinued in the 2003 model year. Since then, the C70 has been offered in two distinct convertible trim styles, each with its own array of options to suit the buyer's personality and lifestyle. After an absence from the 2005 lineup, the C70 returned with one, bold trim, incorporating all previous styles in tempting colors like black sapphire and passion red. Along with the fine craftsmanship and high standard of safety that the Swedish manufacturer is well known for, the Volvo C70 is an excellent value for its price. It is the perfect vehicle for those looking to exude class, minus the extravagant price tag found on some of the other upscale sports vehicles on the market. In the beginning of its first generation, the C70 was available with either a five speed manual or four speed automatic transmission. The coupe design was crafted with a standard sunroof. Across the board standard equipment including power controls, air conditioning, a fully loaded stereo with AM/FM radio, compact disc and cassette player and cruise control, in a sleek looking leather interior. The four door style C70 provides comfortable seating accommodations for up to four passengers. Several updates were made for the 2003 model year, and new interior options were made available in 2004. The 2006 model year rolled out an all new T5 trim, after the vehicle went on a break during 2005. This style features an optional five speed, automatic geotropic transmission in addition to the standard six speed manual. Leather seats and a navigation system and subwoofer are included among optional equipment; while steering wheel mounted controls, telescopic steering and a CD changer can be found as part of the standard package. The 2007 model year marked the beginning of a third generation C70, and meant the addition of some enhancements as well as an optional satellite radio package. Of course, no Volvo would be completely equipped without a high level of safety features. Antilock brakes, traction and stability control and driver, passenger and side curtain air bags are all found standard, as well as keyless entry and a vehicle antitheft device. The Volvo C70 is a premium sports vehicle that offers a high level of looks and power combined with great value.

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