Volvo 780
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: 780
Volvo 780

Like its forerunner, the 780 was created and built by Carrozzeria Bertone in Turin, Italy. Unlike the Volvo 262C though, the 780 was not only a two-door 760. The model was given its own distinctive shape, which set it apart from the other models. Yet, it was still identifiable as a Volvo, which was vital to its success. The car had a sleek, low profile, without many of the severe angles and sharp corners of the other models. The hood, trunk, and rooflines were all lower than the standard 700, and the C-pillar was wider. The passenger headroom was improved, due to Bertone's lowering of the roofline. Further, the window frames all had black matte trim, and were accented with chrome, which also highlighted the door handles, bumpers, and side moldings. The Volvo 780 coupe made its release at the International Auto Show in Geneva, Switzerland in 1985. It was Volvo's return of a two-door 2+2 seater coupe after a four-year absence following the decline of the 262C in 1981. The 780 was available in Europe in 1986, and arrived in the United States a year later. In the first two years the 780 was available worldwide it was built with the B280F V6 engine and a solid rear axle. In the following year, they came standard with Volvo's independent rear suspension, which used self-leveling shocks, which kept the ride height correct. However, many people noticed the weak engine that the 780 contained. The B280F at this point had roughly 150hp, but the car itself was nearly 3400 pounds, which was clearly too much to handle. People of course wanted something that performed better, at least as good as the other Volvo models. After an engine upgrade, the following model year saw it increase to 188hp. In the car's final year it was rebadged simply as the Coupe.

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