Volvo 740
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: 740
Volvo 740

The 740 was introduced in the United States in 1985 as a simply equipped version of the Volvo 760. The 740 model was meant to be a mid-size car with more style, performance, and luxury than the 200 series. In the United States, the 740 was dropped in 1992 after being available as a 4-door sedan and as a 4-door station wagon. The engine, transmission, chassis, and other details of the 740 have lived on in the Volvo 940, which was essentially a 740 with a new body. Further, the majority of these models are still on the road today thanks to the model’s sturdy construction and tireless engines. In 1990 the 740 received a minor makeover with new headlights and restyled taillights. Later, in 1991, both the 740 and the newly launched 940 were given updated dashboards like the ones found in the 760. For the 1992 model year, the 740 remained mostly unchanged. It was phased out in 1993 in preference for the Volvo 940.

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Earlier, in 1990, a number of mechanical improvements were made to the 740 series. The B230 engine received larger 13 mm connecting rods, and the 740 Turbo switched from the Garrett T3-series turbocharger to the Mitsubishi TD04 series. This offered quicker spool-up and better low-RPM boost, although some top performance was expended. Further, the fuel system was upgraded from LH-Jettronic 2.2 to 2.4. Also, the newer fuel system offered onboard diagnostics, which were easily accessible from under the hood, and require no special equipment. In short, many of the mechanical pit falls of the 1985 through 1989 740s were hammered out in the 1990 through 1992 model years. The 1990 Volvo 700 may represent one of the most reliable 4-door passenger sedans of its time. The model was based on unmatched solid build quality. You can obtain more information going here and auto shipping costs on our calculator for your Volvo 740.

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