Volvo 265
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: 265
Volvo 265

In the fall of 1975 the 265 DL estate was launched alongside the existing range. This was the very first Volvo estate to be powered by a six-cylinder engine. Around this same time, the existing 200 Series underwent some technical changes. As a result, the B20A engine was dropped because of emission regulations. The B21A engine, which was now being offered as standard in the 242DL, the 244DL, the 245L and the 245DL models, received a new camshaft. This increased the output from 93 to 100bhp. From the outside, the 240 and 260 Series looked very much like the earlier 140 and 164 Series. In fact they used many of the same parts, and were largely the same from the cabin back. Better yet though, the overall safety of the driver and the passengers in the event of a crash was greatly improved by the large front and rear end crumple zones. The 200 series was intended as the replacement for the Volvo 140 and the 164. At it turned out though, the Volvo 240s had earned such a strong reputation for reliability, and thus they were extremely popular with consumers. In the end, only the 260 was replaced. Anyhow, during the 19-year-run, over an amazing 2.8 million 240s and 260s were sold worldwide. In fact, for many years, the 240 was one of the safest cars in the world. Many of the safety enhancing design elements were carried over from the Volvo VESC, including crumple zones and three-point seat belts. These features allowed the Volvo 240 to have the lowest driver death rate between 1990 and 1993. Further, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety listed the model as having 0.1 driver deaths per 10,000 registered vehicles during that time period. This is a very impressive claim to fame for the model. In addition to the numerous safety features and awards, the car's styling and sturdiness helped paint the stereotype of the 200 series as hefty, but extremely safe.

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