Volvo 262
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volvo
Model: 262
Volvo 262

Years after the initial released of the 262, the front end of the car was completely restyled. This was the most obvious change that made the 200 Series identifiable from the earlier 140 and 160 Series. Without the overhaul of the front end, the 200 Series was almost identical to the 140 and 160 Series. Even the dashboard was the same as the one that was fitted to the 1973 140. Nevertheless, in true Volvo style, the 200-series offered a high level of comfort and an even higher level of safety protection features. The 200 series was intended as the replacement for the Volvo 140 and the 164. The 200 series was itself slated to be replaced by the Volvo 700 series, which was launched in 1982. At it turned out though, the Volvo 240s had earned such a strong reputation for reliability, and thus they were extremely popular with consumers. In the end, only the 260 was replaced. Instead, the 700 series sold alongside the 240s for another decade. Ironically the 700 series was itself replaced a year before the 240 ever was. This occurred in 1992. Anyhow, during the 19-year-run, over an amazing 2.8 million 240s and 260s were sold worldwide. To this day, the Volvo 240 was and is Volvo's best-selling car. Further, from 1975 until 1982, it was the only Volvo imported to the United States. Many Volvo 240s can still be found being driven around today. They are still popular as used cars to this day, given that they have retained their reputation for safety and reliability. In fact, for many years, the 240 was one of the safest cars in the world. Many of the safety enhancing design elements were carried over from the Volvo VESC, including crumple zones and three-point seat belts. These features allowed the Volvo 240 to have the lowest driver death rate between 1990 and 1993.

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