Volkswagen Quantum
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Quantum
Volkswagen Quantum

The Brazilian Quantum was a very popular model in their local market, which came even after VW finally introduced the more modern Passat. The Quantum was offered in the VW line-up until 2002, and the Santana, its sister model, was finally retired in July 2006. This occurred of technological considerations more than a drop in popularity. The car was not a part of Volkswagen's current flex fuel program thus making it inferior to the other models that were available. The Volkswagen Passat, a close relative of the Quantum, is a sedan, built by Volkswagen AG, that has been produced in various forms since 1973. It is situated between the Volkswagen Jetta and the Phaeton in the Volkswagen line-up. Currently it is produced in Volkswagen's plants in Emden, and Zwickau, Germany. The model is normally known as the Passat in the European and the North American markets, but it has been badged as a variety of other names including the Dasher, the Santana and the Quantum in various regions. In North America, the car was badged the Dasher, and the three-door hatchback model was released in North America for the 1974 model year. The Passat moniker is short for passatwind, which is the German word for "trade wind". Anyhow, while the first generation Passat was a compact car, the second generation did grow in size as many cars have done, and even the later Passats are mid-size cars. The Quantum was vital to Volkswagen, as the sales of the aging Beetle were declining, and the larger air-cooled rear-engined models like the Volkswagen Type 3 and 411 and 412 which were based on older technology were also lacking in market presence. Following the Volkswagen Group's acquisition of Audi in 1964, Volkswagen was now able to utilize the engineering expertise of the new member of their family.

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