Volkswagen Pickup
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Pickup
Volkswagen Pickup

The name Volkswagen Caddy moniker has been used numerous times by the Volkswagen Group to describe four different Caddy models. The first Caddy was released in 1980, as a light pickup truck and van that was based on the Volkswagen A platform, which it shared with the small family car VW Golf Mk.I. Further, this model was also known in North America as the VW Rabbit Pickup, the Pickup LX and the Sportruck. As it turns out, the Caddy nameplate was not used in the United States since it is short for Cadillac. Later, from 1980 to 1992, the VW Caddy Type 14d was manufactured in the VW plant TAS in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As of 2006, they were still being produced in South Africa. Some of the manufacturing equipment was shipped from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, which was the home of Volkswagen's only US manufacturing plant that is now defunct. The current South African VW Pickup is only offered with a 1.6 carburetor fed engine producing 60kw. However during its long production in South Africa it has been available with a number of other engine choices. The Volkswagen A platform is an automobile platform that is shared among the compact and mid-size cars of the Volkswagen Group. It was originally created from the architecture of the Volkswagen Golf and is adaptable to either front- or all wheel drive. Volkswagens based on this platform have been known internally by their generation number, for example, a very early Golf would be called an A1 Golf. Under Volkswagen's revised platform naming system though, the A4 platform is now known as the PQ34 platform, and what would have been called the A5 platform is now officially the PQ35 platform. This of course would only be of any interest to the true automobile buff.

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