Volkswagen Cabrio
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Cabrio
Volkswagen Cabrio

The Volkswagen Golf, also known as the Cabrio in the convertible form, is a compact car manufactured by Volkswagen. The front-wheel drive Cabrio was Volkswagen's first successful replacement for the air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle. Further, it is Volkswagen's best-selling model in all of history and the world's third best-selling model. There have been an amazing 24 million units built by 2005. Further, the success of the Cabrio popularized the use of the hatchback in the C segment of cars and set fire to the entire golf class. Most manufacturing of the Golf has been in the 3- door hatchback style. However, a 5-door hatchback, a station wagon and a convertible have also been offered. Also quite famous is the Volkswagen Jetta, which is a sedan based on the Golf model. These models have spanned nearly all the market segments, and to boot, have been very successful at it. The third-generation Volkswagen Golf, which was known internally as Type 1H, was launched in November of 1991. It did not however appear in North America until the spring of 1993. It seems that the delay in North America was due to Volkswagen's decision to supply the United States and Canadian dealerships with the Golfs from the VW plant in Puebla, Mexico. This was further aggravated by the fact that quality control problems forced Volkswagen of America to reject the Golfs and the Jettas being manufactured in Mexico. This was then followed by labor unrest at the plant, which delayed production even further. On another note of importance, the second-generation Golfs had higher insurance premiums, due in part to stereo systems that could easily be stolen. This was intended to be corrected in the third-generation models. The Golf, and subsequently the Cabrio, are simply great cars. They are attractive, durable, and truly are timeless.

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