Triumph Spitfire
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Triumph
Model: Spitfire
Triumph Spitfire

The Triumph Spitfire was a small British two-seat sports car that was introduced in 1962. The vehicle was created from a design completed for Standard-Triumph in 1957 by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti. The internal codename for the project was the Bomb. It was originally intended by Standard-Triumph to compete in the small sports car segment, which had opened up with the launch of the Austin-Healey Sprite. Triumph's plan was to use the mechanics from their small sedan, the Triumph Herald, to underpin the new model. The 1965 MkII was very similar to the original model but featured a more highly tuned engine, which was mainly accomplished through a sportier camshaft design and tubular exhaust manifold. These changes increased the power to 67 bhp. Further, this improved the top speed to 92 mph, which was moderately decent at the time. Today of course it would be laughable. Additionally, the interior trim was also improved from the first model to the second. The reputation of the Spitfire, which like many types of smaller two-seat roadsters to a hard beating during the 1980s and early 1990s. On the other hand, throughout the world there are many British car clubs and Triumph car clubs whose members have many examples of Triumph Spitfires that are in supreme condition. Nevertheless, despite having sold more than the MG Midget and having been produced for longer than any other Triumph car, the Triumph Spitfire often suffered from the comparison to the MG. At the end of the day though, the Spitfire did survive on the market for 18 long years. However, it was known to have an inadequate rear suspension, which was later corrected in the following models. Thus, values today remain relatively low making it a sought-after classic sports car for the enthusiast with a small purse.

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