Toyota Yaris
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Toyota
Model: Yaris
Toyota Yaris

Toyota, the Japanese automaker with a famous reputation for quality, reliability and affordability, debuted the Yaris in the American market for the 2007 model year, as a replacement for the Echo. Although the model is brand new to the United States, it has been part of the European lineup since 1999, where it has consistently been a best selling automobile and was awarded the title of European Car of the Year in 2000. its cute, subcompact design, gives the car a unique flair that’s fun to drive. The Yaris is available as a three door lift back or four door sedan, with numerous standard and optional features that allows buyers to modify the vehicle to fit their own personal style.

¬†Auto Shipping Estimates For The¬†Toyota Yaris¬

In addition to a great drive and style, the Yaris gives excellent gas mileage and is attached to a moderate price tag, making it a prime contender against other vehicles in its class. A five speed manual overdrive transmission comes standard in the Yaris, although a four speed automatic is also offered as an option. The vehicle’s small size comes in especially handy when parking into or reversing out of tight spaces. Despite its small size, however, the interior is roomy and thoughtfully planned interior with plenty of space and compartments to accommodate storage and provides comfortable seating for up to five passengers. In addition to the lift back and sedan, a slightly pricier and more inclusive S version is also available. Air conditioning, tilt steering and driver passenger airbags are standard features. Power window and door locks, cruise control, a cargo net, antitheft device, rear spoiler, alloy wheels and antilock brakes are among the available optional features. The S trim includes a standard AM/FM stereo with a compact disc player; it is optional in the sedan and lift back. The Toyota Yaris is crafted with safety also in mind, and earned a four star frontal and roller over crash test safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Toyota Yaris is stylish and contemporary, yet practical and reliable, bundled into one very efficient vehicle.¬†Japanese¬†automaker Toyota provides consumers with quality vehicles at economical prices. Get an auto shipping estimate for the Toyota Yaris right here on this page.

Good Advice For Shipping The Toyota Yaris 2013_toyota_yaris For Auto Shipping

The Toyota Yaris is considered a compact vehicle and is therefore easier to ship. Extra incentive money is usually not needed in the auto shipping estimate.

Edmunds reports that the most important specifications for an auto shipping estimate for the Toyota Yaris are:

Curb weight of 2,315 lbs.

Width of 66.7 inches

Length of 154.7 inches

Height of 59.4 inches

Ground Clearance of 5.5 inches

All of that combined makes the Toyota Yaris an ideal vehicle for auto shipping. The Direct Express Auto Transport first of a kind auto shipping quote calculator does that job exceedingly well.

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