Toyota Tacoma 2dr Short Bed
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Toyota
Model: Tacoma 2dr Short Bed
Toyota Tacoma 2dr Short Bed

Thankfully for Toyota, the Tacoma two-door short bed sales in the United States have risen steadily in the past few years. The Toyota Tacoma 2dr is a compact Pickup truck manufactured by the Toyota Motor Company since 1995. It is based on the Toyota Hilux, and is very similar to the excellent Toyota 4Runner. Further, the Tacoma was Motor Trend Magazine's truck of the year for 2005. Toyota has come a really long way from the day when no one would even take a look at their trucks to the Tacoma being America's best selling mid-size pickup. In 2004, the Tacoma lagged the segment leader, the Ford Ranger, by just 2.2%. One year later it was leading by nearly 40% and in 2006, it had extended that lead to an impressive 93%. In fact, Toyota sells around a whopping 190,000 Tacomas annually. In 2005 Toyota Motor Corporation sold 189,987 Tacomas, which was better than any other compact pickup in its class. Furthermore, Tacoma sales make up about 10 percent of Toyota Motor Corporations annual sales. Even more so, from March 2006 to March 2007 Tacoma sales have steadily risen. For example, in March of 2006 Toyota sold 9,185 Tacomas, where as in March 2007 Toyota sold 10,851 Tacomas. With sales going as they are right now, it is possible that Toyota might sell around 200,000 Tacomas in 2007. In terms of the model’s role in popular culture, the fictional characters and toys Transformers Trailbreaker and Hoist were based off of the Toyota Tacoma. Further, in the 1989 comedy film, Nuns on the Run, two of the characters use a hijacked Toyota to escape from the convent. Also, in a unique marketing stunt, in 2006 two young men go around the country watching High School Football games in a Tacoma that Toyota lent them. They are sponsored by the Toyota Motor Company.

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