Toyota Supra
Vehicle Make/Model Specifications:
Make: Toyota
Model: Supra
Toyota Supra

The Toyota Celica Supra was a sports car manufactured by the Toyota Motor Company from 1979 until 2002. The design of the Toyota Celica Supra was taken from the Toyota Celica, but it was both longer and wider. Beginning in the middle of 1986, the Supra became its own model and was no longer based on the Celica. As a result, Toyota also stopped using the prefix Celica and began just calling the car Supra, which is what most people know the car by anyhow. As it turned out though, due to the similarity of the Toyota Celica's name, it is frequently mistaken for the Toyota Supra, and vice versa. The Supra also traces much of its heritage back to the Toyota 2000GT with the main example being its engine. The first three generations were built with a direct offspring of the 2000GT's M engine. All four generations of the Supra have an inline 6-cylinder engine, which is one of the few piston engine configurations with theoretically perfect mechanical balance, thus leading to very low vibration from the engine. Toyota created its own logo for the Supra that was taken from the original Celica logo. Often people think it is some sort of swan, but it more closely looks like a dragon. The logo appeared on the Supras until 1989 when Toyota switched to its current oval company logo. The model name is an amalgamation of Celica and the word Supra. The word "Celica" is derived from Latin and its literal translation is "celestial" or "from the heavens". The word "Supra" is derived from Latin that stands for "over, above, beyond, or greater than". Thus, a translation to English would be something like "from above the heavens". Nevertheless, all good things must come to an end. Looks like even the name did not make the model immortal. Thus, in 1999, Toyota stopped selling the Supra in the United States, and in 2002, Toyota officially stopped production of the Supra in Japan.

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